The Most Efficient Way to Burn Calories

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Time has continually evolved, and with each passing day, it has handed us innovation. We have seen patterns earlier upheld as our truth being demystified right before our shiny blue eyes, and all thanks to our ever-welcoming self, we can adjust to unlearning patterns and embracing our new reality.

For foodies like myself, there is always that great smile that glows whenever I see a good meal, and then like a short circuit, I suddenly start to do the mathematics on the possible calories I'm about to make room in my body; if only there was a miracle to burning calories.

Ladies and Gentlemen... [Drum rolls] in case you missed the news, there is still no miracle to burning calories than being judicious with your routines. I'm sorry I appeared all shylock there, but there is nothing more valuable than the place of process, hence the musical term: œpoco a poco, which means œlittle by little.

How do we go about calories then?

Maybe I need to remind you that calories aren't your enemies, just like every human by default needs one another. We all need the right number of calories in our bodies to function optimally without breaking down. Just for a good grip of this, a calorie is simply an energy unit. It is the amount of energy obtained from food and beverages consumed, as well as the amount of energy expended through physical activity.

Thinking about it again, we all need calories. But too much of everything is bad, right? Exactly! Often it isn't that we didn't get this memo on time on having excess calories, but we have other things like body metabolism to worry about. Quite like our jury that plays a sensitive role in our fate.

What is body metabolism?

I feel it's rather unfair to mention body metabolism without having an understanding of what metabolism is all about. Well, the process through which your body transforms what you eat and drink into energy is known as metabolism. Calories from food and beverages are therefore mixed with oxygen in this intricate process to generate the energy the body requires to function optimally.

While there are different types of body metabolism, if you have a high body metabolism, it simply means your body burns calories faster compared to if you have a slower metabolic rate. This is a huge determinant of how calories could reside in the body or otherwise.

In a case where an individual has a lower metabolic rate, the period it may take to break down the calories may be much longer, which takes us back to the worry about calories consumption.

What are the best ways to burn calories?

If you can pay attention to the traffic light before jumping the road, you can also pay attention to your metabolism. I'll tell you, understanding your body with things is the best thing after sliced bread. So, if you know you have a lower metabolic rate, please pay extra caution to the calories you consume. Just like what we at Energy meal plans are all about, portion control is healthier than the need to start worrying about burning calories. 

For cases where it is overboard, the below can come in handy to burn calories gradually [not miraculously], they are:

Aerobic exercises like running, cycling, swimming, and jogging are good examples to consider for burning calories.

Again, if there is a miracle to burning calories, in all honesty, it is understanding your body's metabolic rate, eating healthy, and adequate exercise. This process doesn't fail, and I bet it won't fail you as well. 

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