The Necessity Of Taking Pmp Exam

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PMP exam is issued by PMI. It is an exam that strictly assesses whether the knowledge and skills of project management personnel reach a high level. It provides a unified standard for the project management industry. Candidates taking the PMP exam prep may ask: How is the value of PMP certification? Why it is necessary to take the test?


1. Taking the Exam Can Promote One's Management Ability

The knowledge required to be mastered by PMP can be applied to any industries. It puts a focus on the combination of theories and practices. It concludes the best practices of various fields from the actual project management processes. You may encounter all sorts of problems while conducting the project management. For example, the purpose of a project is unclear. Resources are inadequate. Group members are not unified and cost overruns. After passing the PMP certification test, we can know how to carry out a project systematically and holistically. For instance, we can make a plan of the five process groups (Initial, Plan, Execution, Monitor, and Close) at the very beginning. We can strengthen the weak links and consolidate advantages. Management ability is enhanced to promote the complete of a project.


2. Getting the Certification Can Increase One's Salary

Due to the wide application of PMP and increasing demand on PMP talents, the salary of PMP certification holders is very high. According to a recent research conducted by PMI on global project managers, in China, the average annual salary of PMP certification holders can reach USD28,443. The average annual salary of employees owning PMP for over five years is around USD36,067, far higher than non-certificate holders. According to PMI, the average annual salaries of those with PMP certification are 16% higher than those without.


3. Passing the PMI PMP Exam Means a New Start of Career

In general, we will always encounter bottlenecks when doing a job for some time. We will feel overwhelmed and fail to change. However, after passing PMP exam, you can have better options like the core department of SOE, Global Fortunate 500, and large-scale project groups and so on. Through PMP certification training, we can better coordinate the relationship between suppliers and clients to better solve problems. At the same time, we can make an acquaintance with candidates, learning to discuss problems from different perspectives. This does a great help to enrich one's experience and broaden one's horizon.

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