The Reading Performance of Kids is in Decline Nationwide - Ed Tech Offers Help

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Education is a fundamental aspect of a country's progress. This is because it creates an avenue for the advancement of knowledge that aids national growth and development. Recently, the education system has been in the news globally regarding the decline in reading because of the covid-19 pandemic. This sad situation is reiterated in a report by UNICEF at its summit held on the 14th of September 2022 in New York. UNICEF states that “only a third of 10-year-olds globally are able to read and understand a simply written story, while the rest around two-thirds (64%) are unable to cover this marker for minimum proficiency in reading comprehension”

Certain factors ranging from the shortfall of teachers, overcrowded classrooms, lack of textbooks, low wages for teachers and most importantly lack of computers, internet connectivity and other digital learning tools needed to enhance education are the major factors that impede reading proficiency globally. Thus, in providing a solution to the decline, it is important to encourage the use of EdTech apps that enhances reading efficiency in children. With the advent in technology, certain educational apps with their varying features provide solutions to improve the reading front. These apps are designed to help parents get their kids right on track through the use of fun activities like story-telling, puzzles, coloring and games. So here are five apps that can enhance effective reading in kids:



If you need an app that offers an adventurous play learning experience through the use of games, songs, audiobooks and videos for your kids, Lingokids is your best bet.  This play-learning method help kids discover their natural superpowers otherwise known as the 4Cs which include communication, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. These skills enable children to create ideas and turn their ideas into sentences. With its carefully designed curriculum, the app is designed with over 1000 learning activities and over 3000 vocabulary words to learn new English words which enhance good reading habits. Parents can also be able to keep track of words learned by their children weekly and evaluate them accordingly.


Starfall ABC

Starfall ABC is a free app owned by Available in both iPad and iPhone, Starfall is an app that arms kids with reading and writing skills through the use of songs, animations rhymes and games. It presents the complete alphabet to children and encourages them to select one. When the child makes his/her choice the app goes further to teach the pronunciation of that letter and also gives examples of words that can be formed from the letter with pictures and animations that goes with it. Subsequently songs, games and puzzles as learning techniques to enhance the development of phonemic recognition and communication. So, if you need an app that enables letter recognition and early reading skills for kids, Starfall ABC is a must-have.



By creating a formidable path for learning to thrive, ABCmouse helps early readers improve their reading experience through the use of entertaining activities like games, puzzles, songs, printables and animations. Also, learners are allowed to interact with animals in the zoo and on the farm to create lasting memories. ABCmouse also takes into consideration ways of tracking learning with its use of a progress tracker which monitors the progress of learners. Through this, parents can make an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their children in learning. Significantly, the use of rewards and tickets to purchase virtual items makes learning exciting and motivational.



Founded by serial entrepreneur Kyle Wallgren, Edsoma is an educational app that not only accounts for the reading deficiencies in children but also provides an avenue for parents who are in distant locations to still read together with their children via a video co-reading feature. While just in Beta phase, Edsoma was already named among the top 5 brands to see at the SXSW expo.  The new app which was launched during this year's Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany offers unique A.I. like voice recognition and word identification technology to make sure readers deliver an accurate reading performance. It also tracks the reader's progress, enabling also teachers and parents to review the kids' performances.



Another great app that improves kids' reading front is Homer. Homer is a personalized app for early learners that helps them become critical thinkers based on their level of understanding. The curriculum is tailored to the age, knowledge, and abilities of the child. It promotes playful learning by using stories, games, and puzzles to teach subjects such as reading, math, social and emotional learning, thinking skills, and creativity. It combines a child's individual interests with their current age and learning level to create personalized learning that aids in the development of important educational skills.

With numerous features and carefully selected learning techniques used in these EdTech apps, it is glaring that reading deficiency in children will not only be brought to the barest minimum but reading will become fun-filled and exciting as children will become fascinated to learn. So, why not try these apps with your children today?

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