The Remarkable Growth of Small Businesses in Kenya

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Recently, we have seen the growth of small businesses throughout towns. Small businesses play a vital role in driving innovation and economic growth. People have sought for money earning strategies to either earn an extra income or provide their daily meal on the table for their families. Small businesses that have been established for quite some time have shown even students from various trying to gain something to depend on themselves instead of their parents.




Reasons behind the remarkable growth of businesses


Innovation and product/service differentiation

Small businesses that introduce innovative products or services or offer unique features that set them apart from competitors, tend to experience rapid growth. Such differentiation can attract new customers and create a competitive advantage.


Marketing and branding

Successful marketing and branding efforts can impact a business’s growth. Building a strong brand presence and effectively reaching the target audience can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty.


Adapting to technological advancements

Embracing and integrating new technologies can enhance a business’s efficiency productivity and customer experience leading to growth and scalability.


Advantages of small businesses



Some small businesses owners have been known to be students from universities. These students have started their own businesses to have a mentality of independence in them some of them do not depend on their parents for some things that they need.


Financial gain

Owning your own money removes the strain of earning from an employee. We have seen even parents opening up businesses that they deal in after they are done with their full-time jobs this has been known to earn them extra cash form what they earn in their businesses.



Small businesses have created a sense of creativity for thousands of people. We have seen some people doing DIYs that they sell on online platforms or even in the market. Also, those who show how to create stuff from old stuff have helped people gain knowledge on recycling some stuffs they might have thrown away during those times.


Disadvantages of small businesses



Most people who open small businesses are not sure on the outcome of the growth of their business. Some factors like downturns in the economy, new competitors in the market can make some small business owners stall their businesses.



Small businesses are not always guaranteed to be a success to the owner. Some entrepreneurs leave their jobs to attend to their business venture that fails thus some business owners have a financial setback that is hard for them to overcome.


Stress and health issues

If the business does not go accordingly most small businesses owners find themselves having a lot of stress on how to cater for themselves and most especially because they have put in their financial assets into the business.




To sum it up, the growth small businesses is a testament to the resilience, creativity and determination of entrepreneurs worldwide. Small businesses are proving that they can not only survive but thrive.

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