The Science of Instagram Story Views: Tips and Tricks

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Instagram is a powerful social media application that has users all over the world. With millions of people using the platform to connect with fellow human beings and to share their thoughts and opinions, it is definitely a stronger marketing tool than any other form. The features of Instagram are super friendly and they are highly effective to take your content to the potential audience.

One among them is Instagram stories. Instagram stories are one of the finest elements of Instagram that have captured the attention of most Instagram users. Getting to know the tricks and tips for making interesting stories to maximize the views is vital if your purpose on the platform is to earn fame and get established. 

This blog by is all about unraveling the science behind Instagram story views. We have listed the top tips and tricks that will help you to understand the mystery behind enjoying more recognition for your Instagram stories. 


Tips and Tricks for Instagram Story Views

There might be a steady stream of questions running through your mind regarding the importance of Instagram story views. Break all the questions as Instagram stories are one of the prominent features that will help you to grow upwards on the scale. 


1. Keep Consistency

Consistency is the key to achieving more Instagram story views. Although consistency in posting photos and videos is vital you must also take an effort to post stories regularly. Even if you are unable to keep up with the posts regularly, you can post stories. This will help you to retain the minds of the audience. Also, when you are posting frequently on Instagram stories, your audience will get to know more about you. This will also improve the story views for your Instagram


2. Try All The Features Of Stories 

Instagram stories are filled with tonnes of exciting and innovative features such as emojis, filters, boomerangs, adding layout, photo-booth, multi-capture, etc., Using these features will help you to improve your creativity skills. Also, your audience and your followers will look up to your stories for inspiration and entertainment. This will eliminate the idea of you being monotonous and create a sense of being creative and unique among the Instagram audience. This will directly impact your Instagram story views.


3. Keep It Engaging 

Engaging content will result in increased story views. You can compare your previous stories to get an idea of the best-performing stories. It will be highly evident that the stories which are engaging will get a higher number of views than the other ones. So, always think of ideas and design stories that are capable of creating a sense of engagement among your audience. 


4. Post At The Right Hours

Timing is equally important for Instagram stories. When you are sketching, working, and ready with the final content, do not post the Instagram stories immediately. Look for the hours of the day when the maximum number of users are active. This will help you to create higher views for your stories. An analysis of the peak hours of the day is important to get an idea of posting Instagram stories. 


5. Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are one of the most ideal ways to improve your Instagram story views. When you are posting your stories with the right hashtags, they will reach a wider audience. Since hashtags are used as a major source of search by the audience to find the most relevant content, your stories with the right hashtags will find a long way. Ensure to design a hashtag that is dedicated to your brand or business. When you are placing this hashtag on your posts, it will have a greater impact. 


6. Create Highlights 

Instagram story highlights are another best way to improve your story views. You can create separate heads for categories of stories. It will get saved under the chosen head and can be viewed by your audience in the future also. New followers also will get an idea of your presence on the Instagram platform. 



As we come to the wrapping up of the write-up, we hope you would have got a complete understanding of the proximate factors that will direct you to improve your Instagram story views. Although there are several factors that must be considered to escalate your Instagram story views, the above-mentioned factors are the main ones and the other ancillary factors are interrelated to these components.

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