The Top 10 Affordable Luxury Swimwear Brands of the Year

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Listen, I enjoy buying swimsuits just as much as the next gal, but some of my favorite outfits are undeniably expensive. They are always adorable, but this week I also need to buy food, you know? If you're balling on a budget for the summer like I am, I've compiled a list of the top affordable luxury swimwear companies that sell bikinis and one-pieces for under $50.

I need to save my hard-earned money this year more than I do other years. Yes, I am a borderline affordable luxury swimwear junkie, but these days I can't justify spending $100 on even one bikini top, much less several. I do this by shopping at my preferred stores, such Zara, Aerie, and H&M. They never fail to provide me with a selection of suits that I a) love and b) can actually afford.

I used to believe that in order to appear cute this summer, I would have to spend a significant amount of money, but I'm relieved to say that's not the case. I've got you covered if you're looking for a one-piece swimsuit with sensual cutouts or a bikini that will let you go from the beach to the bar with ease this summer. Continue reading to see 10 of my favorite low-cost affordable luxury swimwear brands.


1. Abecedary & Fitch

Thanks to a killer affordable luxury swimwear selection that makes me want to plan a vacation like, right now, your favorite retailer is now cool again. You'll feel as if you've stepped out of a romance tale set in the Victorian era wearing one of Abercrombie & Fitch's suits because they are all decorated with delicate floral prints or comical gingham checks. Despite the fact that this ruffle bikini top lacks a pattern, it is quite lovely. Get 25% off on trendy attire by using the Alexander Wang Discount Code.


2. Zara

You can't go wrong when selecting from one of Zara's colorful colors or styles because the store's plethora of adorable suits is all under $100 in cost. It always has the most popular colors and silhouettes in stock, just like the ready-to-wear collections sold by stores. Right now, I'm quite smitten with this colorful one-piece. It appears to be hundreds of dollars in price, but it only costs $48.


3. H&M

My go-to store, whenever I'm looking for a budget-friendly bikini that I want to add to my collection for years to come, is H&M. Why? Because its fashions are usually classic and quite simple to wear. Consider this Barbiecore pink bandeau bikini top as an example.


4. Target

One of many fantastic (and inexpensive) affordable luxury swimwear brands at Target is Shade & Shore. Since the size range for each of their bikinis is based on bra cup sizes, you can pretty much count on finding a suit this summer that fits you to a tee. The sizes 32B through 38DDD of this light blue bikini top offer a little bit more top coverage. The matching bottoms are available in sizes XS through XL.


5. Aerie

You probably already adore Aerie for its athletic attire but don't overlook its collection of affordable luxury swimwear. Check out this adorable one-piece with cutouts that will look great with any accessories you choose to wear. Either substantial gold jewelry or delicate pearl and bead designs come to mind. Can we also chat about this stunning lime green hue?


6. PrettyLittleThing

Let's be clear about one thing: PrettyLittleThing's bikinis are hot as hell. They almost certainly offer the style you're seeking in a ton of colors, from sultry string bikinis to choices with magazine cutouts or blingy rhinestones. This tan bikini top appears to be much more expensive than it is. Where else can you purchase a swimsuit for less than $3?


7. Mango

Mango should be on your must-shop list if you're seeking a simple affordable luxury swimwear option that you know will look excellent in person. The popular brand is already so reasonably priced, and its swimsuit line is excellent. The brand's basic designs and simplistic style are well-known. The Textured Bikini Top is the ideal complement to the brand's attitude. A simple black affordable luxury swimwear is also a must-have item for anyone's summer outfit. Hey! Do you want to save 40% on shopping? Then use the Storets Discount Codes in your shopping.



Although ASOS's website features many accessible brands, I wanted to draw attention to its in-house label, ASOS Design. The majority of the affordable luxury swimwear in the collection is under $50 and come in convenient bundles, allowing you to buy both pieces at once. Wearing this vivid orange long-sleeve bikini top will make you almost sparkle. Such patterns are uncommon, so buy them right away.


9. Cupshe

Cupshe can help if you're really wanting to cut costs this summer. Since all they do is swim, you may be sure that the variety and size range will be strong. For instance, this one-piece suit is offered in sizes 00x through 3X. And sure, each of their clothes costs less than $100. In fact, the majority of them are less than $50, like this one, which costs $34.


10. PacSun

 I was genuinely astonished by PacSun's choice of swim. Bold hues, enjoyable patterns, novel textures, and adaptable silhouettes are all perfectly executed. I fell head over heels for this vibrant blue flowery bikini affordable luxury swimwear.

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