The Two Spy Apps Gunning For Mspys Spot Can They Succeed Flexispy Vs Xnspy

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mSpy is one of the most popular internet surveillance apps. It offers various unique mobile phone spying capabilities, allowing potential clients to monitor cellphones with ease. 

mSpy is well-known for its parental controls and as a software that allows you to remotely extract all phone data. Ambient recording, remote phone data erasure, geolocation monitoring, and remote screenshots are among the features. It also has a keylogger built in.
But as Android Spy Apps get more popular, the competition heats up and there are more alternatives to pick from than ever before. Many surveillance applications are comparable to mSpy, and many of them perform as well as or better than it.

Flexispy and XNSPY, two of these spy programs, are on the hunt for mSPY. So, do these programs outperform mSpy, or was it simply a coincidence? 

To address this question, I'll look at the features, compatibility, ease of use, installation, customer service, cost, performance, and restrictions of these two remote monitoring programs, as well as how they compare to mSpy. I'll do so to assist users in determining if it's time to cancel their mSpy membership.
Let's start with a comparison of mSpy and XNSPY.


XNSPY is a surveillance tool that allows you to record phone screens, monitor locations, and examine browser history. It can also track major social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. While in stealth mode, it protects users from threats such as malware, phishing schemes, and online abuse. 

When the XNSPY file is loaded into the phone's operating system, the program hides from view and deceives the operating system into believing it is a native file. This allows the program to collect useful information and follow users without informing them.


Both XNSPY and mSpy provide a plethora of functions. They provide people access to, among other things, the monitored user's contacts, internet history and bookmarks, phone history, incoming and outgoing messages, and Instant Messaging logs. However, when comparing the functionality and cost of mSpy and XNSPY, the latter comes out on top. 

mSpy cannot monitor any social media messengers or the messages sent and received through them when using the app's free edition. Users of XNSPY, on the other hand, may access photographs shared over social media and instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and Viber using its all-in-one surveillance tool. 

Another strong aspect of XNSPY is its remote control capabilities. Some of the operations that XNSPY's spy program may do via its remote control tracking suite include ambient recording, remote wipes, and remote snapshots. mSpy cannot execute these tasks with the same level of competence as XNSPY. 

XNSPY also generates statistical reports that simply and effectively display important data, such as the most frequent callers, the busiest day of the week for calls made and received, and the most frequent interactions. Both XNSPY and mSpy offer watchlist alert functions, however, XNSPY sends notifications more quickly than mSpy. 


One of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a spy program is performance. In terms of functionalities, several programs compete with mSpy. When it comes to performance, however, XNSPY can perform just as well, if not better. 

In my tests, I observed that XNSPY loads quicker than mSpy, retrieves requests faster, and displays text chats on the Dashboard faster. In addition, the program collects screenshots every five seconds, which is more frequent than mSpy. 

And even when there was no internet connection, XNSPY continued to function. It would follow the smartphone and capture data in the background, which it would then display on a user's dashboard when the Internet connection was restored. 

However, I found some performance difficulties when using mSpy. Using mSpy, it took a lengthy time to get images from various social network accounts. There was also some difficulty installing the app on my phone. XNSPY, on the other hand, was a short file that could be swiftly downloaded and uncompressed. 

Utilization Ease

Both XNSPY and mSpy were simple to use and did not require any technical expertise to run because both programs were designed with simplicity in mind. They have a simple graphical layout with contrasting colors to highlight the elements on the left menu. 

However, I considered mSpy's graphic interface to be more user-friendly than XNSPY's since it has more current graphics and a more pleasing color palette. 


Both XNSPY and mSpy are compatible with iOS 6.0 and higher, as well as Android 4.0 and higher. 

Customer Service

When it comes to on-time replies and issue resolution, mSpy's customer support leaves a lot to be desired. Many clients have also complained about the poor quality of customer service. When I tried to contact them, the customer support crew did not answer quickly. I had a basic question that I needed answered, and when I eventually got through, mSpy couldn't resolve it and hung up on me. 

XNSPY, on the other hand, offers an extremely responsive customer support team that can assist with technical difficulties and even install the program on your behalf via TeamViewer. The crew promptly answered my call and fixed all of my concerns on the same call. 


The following are the various tiers of XNSPY subscription: 


If you want to subscribe every month, you will be charged $35.99 each month. 


If you purchase a quarterly membership, you will be charged $59.99 per quarter, which equates to $19.99 per month for three months of validity. 


If you wish to acquire a yearly membership, you will be charged $89.99 every year, which equates to $7.49 per month. This will be good for a year. 

Let us now contrast the pricing variances in mSPY's offering. 

Basic mSpy

The mSpy app's basic edition costs $29.99 a month for an Android or iOS device. 

Premium mSpy 


If you wish to subscribe to mSpy every month, you will be charged $69.99 a month. 


If you wish to buy a mSpy quarterly membership, you will be charged $119.99 for three months. It implies you'll be charged $39.99 every month. 


If you wish to purchase a yearly membership to mSpy, you will be charged $199.99 every year, which equates to $16.66 per month. 

Let's take a look at Flexispy and see how it compares to mSpy and XNSPY. 


Flexispy is another spy program vying for mSpy's position. Flexispy may be highly personalized since it provides a wide variety of monitoring settings that can meet the needs of customers who want to personalize their spying experience. 


Ambient recording is one of its most popular functions. You may capture the surroundings of the target phone and replay them through your dashboard. The audio recordings can be automated to begin recording immediately or scheduled to begin recording at a predetermined time interval. Although its range is not as excellent as that of XNSPY, its audio quality is superior to that of mSpy. 

Fleixspy additionally has a keylogger capability for monitoring keystrokes on the target device. This function is ideal for anyone who wants to keep track of text messages, passwords, usernames, and other information entered into their smartphone. The keylogger operates similarly to XNSPY and mSpy, therefore no program has an obvious edge over the other in this scenario. 

Flexispy also includes a one-of-a-kind notification system that alerts subscribers when a certain event happens. It is one of the most distinctive things that mSpy lacks. The technology may trigger and send an alert on topics like sex, vulgarity, drug use, and other contentious issues.


During my testing, I found the software to behave similarly to mSpy, except for a few stutters while login into my dashboard panel. However, I did not have any latency difficulties while using XNSPY. So, in this FlexiSpy vs. XNSPY comparison, XNSPY wins.


Although Flexispy is compatible with the majority of iOS, Windows, and Android devices, the latter is more suitable with smartphones but does not follow desktops.

Utilization Ease

Flexispy provides a pleasant user experience, and all capabilities are easily accessible. During installation, however, several checkboxes were demanding the user's consent. As a result, in my instance, the installation procedure was sluggish and could have been greatly reduced by eliminating user permissions. Nonetheless, it was superior to mSpy's installation procedure.

Customer Support

Flexispy offers dependable customer service, although they occasionally provide contradictory responses to technical queries such as software specifications and functionalities, indicating that they need to teach them better. 


Flexispy is available in two flavors: Premium and Extreme. The Premium version includes basic monitoring capabilities such as phone records, SMS, and contacts. Extreme, on the other hand, offers more advanced espionage options like as social media monitoring, web history tracking, and ambient sound recording. 

As a result, purchasing the Premium edition makes little sense for heavy users because it only provides basic surveillance features such as checking phone records and text monitoring.

It also boasts some of the most competitive prices on the market. A 12-month membership to Flexispy Premium costs $179, while a one-year subscription to its Extreme edition costs little less than $420. As a result, Flexispy is rather pricey for the ordinary spy enthusiast.  

Who will come out on top? 

After reading this, it is evident that Flexispy and XNSPY outperform mSpy, especially in terms of performance. However, a winner in the Flexispy versus XNSPY match has yet to be determined. 

And, after taking into account that XNSPY had very few to no performance concerns, greater compatibility, trustworthy customer support with strong product expertise, and was the cheapest of the three, XNSPY is the clear victor today.

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