The Ultimate Guide To Choosing and Maintaining A Two-Wheeler For Ladies

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The relative ease of use of two-wheelers makes them one of the favourite modes of transport, particularly for daily use for women. Furthermore, you can escape the blaring horns of the traffic to an extent, flexing on your two-wheelers.

There are instances when several questions take you aback before choosing a two-wheeler for ladies. In this regard, note that there are several options for you to pick one. But, fine lines segregate the better from the best and watch out for slight differences that can significantly impact the long run.

Be Brand Conscious

Brand consciousness should be one of your top priorities when choosing a two wheeler for ladies. Brand quality can make or break things in the long run. Some of the popular brands in India have established themselves by standing the test of time. Even in challenging weather conditions, these brands display excellent performance and fuel consumption levels.

Additionally, the brand value of a two-wheeler seldom gets wrecked. Instead, it adds to the resale value of these vehicles. So, choosing your brands wisely can enhance the chances of converting your two-wheelers into valuable assets.

Model and Mileage

Some models go outdated and lose brand value despite having an initial buzz in the market. It thus becomes imperative to research and identify a two-wheeler's brand value before purchase.

Analyzing the mileage of your two-wheeler is also crucial. In this age of hiking fuel prices, the ROI of your two-wheelers heavily depends on mileage. You can even buy an electric vehicle and free yourself from rising fuel prices. The Indian government has come up with several initiatives to foster the adoption of electric vehicles. By 2050, the penetration levels of electric two-wheelers for ladies will scale unseen heights. Get the ride of your dreams with our hassle-free two wheeler loans. Zoom into the future with easy financing options.

Availability of Servicing

The presence of repair, service, and maintenance centres within reach is one of the vital factors in choosing a two-wheeler for ladies. It incurs several additional costs if the maintenance services are not available in nearby locations. You should also monitor the relative costs of maintaining your two-wheelers.

Some brands may call for heavy maintenance charges that pull them out of the equation. So, compare between brands and choose a two wheeler loan interest rate calculator with the necessary service and maintenance options. Also, ensure that the brand is budget friendly and that repairing doesn't leave as much of a hole in your wallet.

Use Safety Gears

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, about 18 deaths occur hourly in India in the form of road accidents. Though we have reduced the numbers to an extent, the larger road safety problem looms. Stringent measures to enforce safe driving have improved safety practices followed on the road. However, individual efforts to corroborate the safety standards can only work the trick in the long run.

Women riders should make it a point to don safety gear, including helmets, gloves, and knee pads, before embarking on long journeys, reinforcing their commitment to riding safely and following the speed limits and traffic rules without failure.

Some Additional Tips

It is wise to pick a lightweight two-wheeler for ladies. These are easy to use and maintain. However, ensure that these feather-weight vehicles are bound to traverse hilly slopes and other such roads. Picking up a two-wheeler with comfortable seating and ergonomic design is also one of the better choices you can make. Also, ensure you clean and service the bike on time.


If you have decided to buy a two-wheeler for ladies, stop waiting. Exciting offers are buzzing! With resourceful two-wheeler loan interest rate calculators, planning on the budget has also become a breeze. Make the most of these useful tools to stay on your game.

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