The Ultimate Guide to Modern Vaping Etiquette

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Vaping is growing in popularity, and with every passing year, the number of vapers is increasing by about 17 percent. The total number of regular vapers in the world today is around the 100 million mark.

That tells us two things. The first is that there are a lot of vapers out there. The second is that they are nevertheless in a minority, reflecting only about one in every 50 adults on a global scale. Of course, that varies from country to country. For example, in the USA, about one in 20 adults vape.

That still means the non-vapers outnumber the vapers. Enjoying a vape without annoying or inconveniencing those around us means following a few basic rules, both spoken and unspoken. Here we set out our guide to modern vaping etiquette.


Ask first in private spaces, even with a CCELL

Yes it is only vapor, and if you use something like a CCELL pod system, it is so subtle, you can be tempted to take a quick puff when nobody's looking. But to spare everyone's blushes, always ask for permission before vaping in someone's home, car or other private space.


Be cautious in enclosed public spaces

Restaurants, shopping malls and movie theaters are all notoriously ambiguous about vaping. Follow common sense, and if in doubt verge on the side of caution. That is to say if you see other people vaping, and the area is not overcrowded, then taking a puff or two is most likely ok – especially if you use a subtle pod system vape! On the other hand, if you are seated in a crowded restaurant with tables close to one another and nobody else is vaping, common sense says to steep outside. Ideally, ask an employee before vaping to remove all doubt.


Control your clouds in public places

We mentioned CCELL vapes earlier. These are among a new type of design that can generate some truly impressive clouds. That's great, but be mindful of those around you even when you are in an area where vaping is allowed. Fellow vapers will probably be highly impressed, but others might not be. Keep your clouds to yourself as much as possible, and in crowded places adjust your vape for smaller output if you can.


Don't be a vape bore

If you've just received your amazing new vape pod, you probably can't wait to tell everyone about its lithium battery and its ceramic wick and so on. A word of advice – read the room. Vaping enthusiasts love discussing different products, flavors and technical innovations, but as for others – well, you know when you sometimes get stuck talking to someone who goes on and on about their dog or their classic car – don't be that someone.


Respect everyone's personal space

We've alluded to this already, but it is worth reiterating. The vapor from your vape doesn't hang on clothes for hours like certain pub and bar smells from years gone by. But nevertheless, that doesn't mean everyone wants to be enveloped in a cloud of vapor. Be sensitive to those around you, especially when indoors or in crowded areas.


Handle criticism with grace

Some people have strange ideas about vaping. Not everyone likes it or approves of it, some even fear it. Is that your problem? Not at all, but sometimes we all have to show restraint and be the bigger person. If someone approaches you and complains about your vaping, listen to what they say, hear them out and answer any questions they might have with honesty. Ultimately, however, you are not likely to change their mind. Having the good grace to move somewhere else as a favor is a better solution than getting into an argument over who is right or wrong.


Be a clean and tidy vaper

Even If you are somewhere that people are paid to clean up after you, it is bad form to leave your vaping detritus like old eliquid bottles, and cotton wool lying around. Be on the side of righteousness and dispose of it like and other trash – in the right place.


Stay au fait with the rules

Vaping is still a relatively new activity in the grand scheme of things, so regulations are likely to change from time to time. Do yourself a favor and make an effort to stay up to date. That way, you avoid potential embarrassment and can hold your head up high as a responsible member of the vaping community.

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