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You'd think that with all the inventions that have previously been produced, life would be easier. But no, we haven't yet devised a device that can tell you where your misplaced keys are or where you left your pen from a minute ago. The following is a list of things we wish someone will create to make life easier.

Locator for misplaced items

Analysts should be able to calculate how many man hours are spent looking for missing keys. These hours would have propelled the economy ahead much more. We all need a gadget that can find where our keys, remote controls, and other items are concealed or thrown last night.

Teleportation device

Today is your big day at work or school, and you've overslept to the point of being stuck in traffic. Isn't it possible to invest in a teleporting machine that will transport you to your desired location in a fraction of a second? We like our sleep and despise the thought of rising up early to make it on time.

Shampoo and conditioner that are predictable

We're all apprehensive about switching shampoo and conditioner since we don't know how it'll react with our hair or how it'll look/feel afterwards. We wouldn't squander money on something we don't like if there was some kind of image or picture that showed us precisely how our hair will react.

Every illness has a vaccination

Take a look at it! How many hours, days, or years have you spent in the hospital being treated or just visiting a doctor? Wouldn't it be wonderful to never get sick or need to see a doctor? I know the vaccination that does this will be discovered one day, even though I may be gone by the time it is discovered, but what a big comfort it will bring to the rest of us!

A forecaster of the future

Yes, we can anticipate the weather and a few other things, but what if we could see into the future and foresee exactly what would happen to us? Could we obtain an app or some strange technology that forecasts our future? Maybe if we knew what was coming, we'd make better decisions, be nicer to each other, and overall live a more cautious existence.

Device for Recording Dreams

The typical individual experiences four to seven dreams every night. However, the majority of them are not recalled or are forgotten shortly after waking up. So, wouldn't it be amazing to be able to capture your dreams and play them again the next day in 3D High Definition? Imagine if you could just programme your dream Tivo to turn on when it detects that you are in REM sleep (where dreams come from).

Batteryless Devices

Your phone going dead is one of the most terrible things in the world. Especially when you're out and about and don't have access to a charger and need to send or receive a text. And smartphone battery life is extremely poor. The issue lies with the battery itself, which requires an external electric power source to charge.

Injury Healing Cream

They'll surely come up with a means to heal cuts and wounds more faster one day. Some kind of substance that you apply into a wound (or a super-plaster of sorts), and the wound heals in minutes and leaves no scars. It would have to include a strong anti-bacterial chemical, as well as a method of keeping the wound moist and a method of repairing the skin and closing the wound.

Final Thoughts

That concludes the list of eight items that should be invented. We hope this has piqued your interest.

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