Throwing A Budget Friendly Birthday Party

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Planning your kid's birthday party is one of the most exciting moments of the year. But it can overwhelm you at times especially when you are confused between amazing ideas that are worth executing. Being a parent it's obvious to want the best for your kid that will make their birthday memorable but there can be budget issues at times. Hold your breath right there, as this blog is going to take care of all your birthday plans that will fit your budget and make your kids love you more.


1. Timing is important

Planning the birthday party between 2 pm to 5 pm can prove beneficial to your need. As the guest don't have to worry about reaching home late or interrupting their sleep routine. Most importantly hosting a party during this time won't require you to serve full meals and hence you can spend the money on a gift or rather can save it for later use. Do necessary research on interesting menu ideas for kids' parties that will help you to finalise various food items for the party.


2. Throw a dual party

Rather than throwing a solo birthday party, you can share it with one of your child's best friends or any of your close friends. This will strengthen the bond between kids. On the good side, you can share responsibilities and costs with the other parents. This will call for a huge gathering that has a high chance of making numerous memorable moments. Just take care of the fact that each child gets their individual birthday cakes and personalised gifts and that's all.


3. Opt for early preparations

Early shopping for birthday items can benefit you in comparing prices and product quality. Last-moment shopping might not allow you much time to do the same and as a result, you may end up purchasing overpriced things last minute. You can always purchase them on sale a few months before your kid's birthday.


4. Send invitations digitally

Many people follow the tradition of sending out invitation cards which further adds to the birthday expense. In the era of the digital world, you can make great cards online and spread them further through social media sites. This will also help you to select the number of guests directly from your contact list which further relieves you from missing out on anyone.


5. Bring out your creative ideas in decoration

You can save money by making your own party specials by using the materials you already have in hand. For example, you can make use of cute little stickers and decorate a plain balloon. Following that you can make use of other items like napkins or paper bags to escalate the decoration.

The execution of the same might require you to buy basic affordable stuff but it would still be less than investing in all the party essentials. Think of an interesting theme for the birthday party and then list out things that you already have to accomplish the theme. This will help you to get the rest you need to buy. For executing exciting themes checkout classic kid's birthday party themes.


6. Take advantage of the online discounts

Local shops may not always be able to provide suitable discounts on your purchase. Hence, you can shop online where you may get products at great discounts. You can check on customers' reviews to know about their experience which can further affirm your decision of purchasing products. The amazing part is you can compare prices easily without going through the hassle of visiting different shops.


7. Showcase your baking talent

Cake cutting is an important event for a birthday celebration. Instead of buying it from a bakery opt to bake your cake. This has its advantages where you would get a chance to be creative with the shape of the cake as well as its ingredients. Are you the one who is not comfortable with your baking skills? Don't worry digital world has given us access to learn things via the internet while sitting at home. You can search on YouTube and other chef channels for authentic cake recipes and bake accordingly.


8. Include exciting games at the party

Kids love to play a lot. The inclusion of games would make the party more exciting and everybody can enjoy playing together. You can also keep small prizes for the participants who will participate in the game. This will further encourage everyone to take part in the game and win prizes.

Kids have a curious minds and this curiosity can help you select games that are suitable for them. For example, you can include the game of treasure hunter where you can make use of small rocks sprayed with golden colour.

You can regard them as gold and make up necessary clues that will lead to the gold eventually. Alternatively, you can also keep chocolates wrapped in a golden wrapper and the winning team would get to have the chocolates as a reward. You can include multiple games like freeze dance, charades, hot potato, musical chairs and so on.


9. Host the party outside

You can book venues that come with different birthday packages for commencing the celebration. It is not necessary to throw the party in your house only. You can also just host a picnic or a pool party concerning the celebration of your kid's birthday. Alternatively, you can just take your kid on a family picnic involving the invitation of your relatives. This is one of the best ways to celebrate birthdays when you have a toddler. Toddlers easily get irritated with crowds and heat and start reacting accordingly. Thus, celebrating their birthday in an open space can provide a comfortable space for your toddler.


The bottom line

There you go! Now you don't have to worry about budget issues concerning the birthday celebration of your little one. Also, don't give in to the tradition of throwing expensive birthday parties going off limits on your budget. Try to make a good memory of your kids' birthday celebration even if that involves gifts that are not that expensive. These little gestures would teach them the value of emotions over money.


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