Thumbtack Clone: How Your Users Can Find the Best Home Services with a Click?

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Back in the day, home service providers like plumbers, electricians, cleaners, etc. used to hand out dusty flyers and business cards to people in the hope of getting calls for gigs. It involved too much labor and long hours on the street to get the local people's attention. On the other hand, people used to struggle with manually calling these businesses, visiting their shops, comparing quotes, and so on, just to find the perfect service provider for a simple job. Well, with technology, everything has changed! 

Now, it's all about getting on-demand home services, thanks to the existence of smartphones and apps like Thumbtack. With the future of home services in their pocket, people can now easily find and book their preferred service providers with a click, while local businesses can register on the app and expand their operations with double ease! 

If you are wondering how you, as a budding entrepreneur, can launch your Thumbtack-like application, then read through the blog. Let's talk about what Thumbtack Clone is, how it works, its features, and its development cost as well. 

What is a Thumbtack Clone Application? 

A Thumbtack Clone app is a digital platform that seamlessly connects customers and local service providers offering cleaning, painting, plumbing, and other handyman jobs. It is similar to the popular service marketplace app Thumbtack, which helps people find professional assistance for various home needs. 

Why Are Thumbtack-like Home Service Apps So Wildly Popular? 

There are several reasons why people love using on-demand home service apps. The first is convenience. Using the application, customers can easily find and book home services and schedule them if they want, eliminating the need to research local providers, manually call them, select a suitable one, and then book an appointment! 

Apart from convenience, launching a Thumbtack Clone can help users to: 

Find multiple services in a single app: they can access a diverse pool of home services by simply downloading and registering on a single app. 

Enjoy transparent service offers: another advantage of an on-demand app is that it keeps things transparent between the users and the providers. For instance, users can see the professional's portfolio, reviews, and service charges before booking their services.

Quick communication: users and service providers can easily communicate with each other via the app itself, as it has features like VoIP-based calling and in-app messaging. 

Streamlined booking or scheduling process: booking or scheduling a home service is simple with the on-demand application. On the other hand, even professionals can easily accept or decline service requests via the app. 

How Thumbtack Clone Works? 

Thumbtack Clone is an advanced and feature-rich on-demand services app that lets customers book the services, make payments, and even review the service providers. On the other hand, local professionals like handymen can find gigs on the platform, accept service requests, get paid, and also promote their work by uploading their portfolios on the app. 

Let's understand the workflow of the on-demand home services app! 


Customers register or log in to the app and choose the type of service they need, such as an on-demand dog walker, massage therapist, handyman, etc. They can select their preferred location, date, and time of the service and also provide other additional details of the service they wish to get done. 

Choose the service provider 

Once the system displays the list of all the available service providers (from the chosen category), users can choose to sort the service provider's list based on their budget. Thumbtack Clone's algorithm then matches the user's request and matches them with the relevant service providers in their area. The system's matching criteria involve skills, locations, availability, and ratings. Once the matching is done, the system displays the profiles of the qualified providers. Users can decide which professional is most suitable for them and proceed with the service booking. 

Service booking

The user can now select their preferred payment mode and go on to book the service. Here, they have two options. One is to book same-day services by clicking on Book Now. Second, they can schedule the service by tapping on the Book Later button. Before scheduling the service, the provider needs to select their preferred date and time as well. 

Service completion and payment

The provider accepts the service request and arrives at the user's address at the agreed-upon date and time. Once the service is complete, users can move on to pay for it. In addition, they can leave their ratings and reviews on the application. Even service providers can leave their feedback based on their experience. 

Advanced Features of an Innovative Thumbtack Clone

If you want to create a stunning Thumbtack-like home services app in your region, apart from offering a simple workflow, you also need to ensure the integration of a ton of advanced features. 

These app features will not only make your platform more attractive but also much more convenient for users. Here are some of the must-have features that you cannot overlook when developing your on-demand app. 

Live tracking

Users can use the real-time tracking feature to see the service provider's live location. They can see the real-time location on the map once the provider accepts the request. This feature promotes transparency with customers while also offering a top-notch online service booking experience. In addition, users can also see the provider's estimated time of arrival. 

SOS button

Users as well as providers can use the SOS button if they feel themselves in a life-threatening situation. This feature will enable them to connect with three emergency contacts and also send an SOS to a nearby police office. 

Mark provider as favorite

If a user likes a professional's service, they can simply mark them as favorites. So, the next time they book the same service, the favorite professional gets the priority of getting the gig. 

Dedicated customer support

Users and service providers get dedicated customer support features in their respective applications. Through this, they can instantly connect with the business's support line and get solutions to all their concerns. 

Invite codes

Users can send their invite codes to their friends and family members who haven't registered on the application yet. Once the new member joins the platform using the code and books their first home service on the Thumbtack Clone, the user gets monetary rewards. 

Login with biometric authentication

Users can use their Face ID or Fingerprint Scanning to log into their accounts. It gets easier for them to log in and book the services without having to remember their usernames and passwords. 

What's the Development Cost of a Thumbtack Clone?  

If you think that it takes millions of bucks to develop an on-demand home services application, then you're wrong! Developing the app using a ready-made solution can save you millions of dollars and months. 

You only need to invest a few thousand dollars to buy a ready-made app package that includes white-labeling services, after-sales support, free annual app upgrades, and several other perks. However, this is only possible if you buy your pre-built solution from a well-established clone app development firm. 

Usually, building a Thumbtack Clone costs around US$5,000 to US$15,000. Compared to building from scratch, which costs at least a million dollars, investing in a pre-built app is less expensive and hassle-free. 

Apart from saving time and money, you can save yourself from all the struggles of a long app development process. Isn't that a great deal for aspiring entrepreneurs like you who want to step into the online app-based business industry without spending a fortune? 

Indeed, it is! 

Final Words

From seamlessly connecting your users with qualified service providers and offering them a streamlined booking process, with the launch of your Thumbtack Clone, you can easily provide everything to your customers. However, it can be time-consuming, expensive, and require a lot of work if you think of building it from scratch! 

Therefore, it is best to get in touch with a professional white-label firm that has already developed and launched several on-demand apps for their clients. Why so? Well, this will guarantee you that their products are market-valid and have already been made to perfection.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on the web and look for the best Thumbtack Clone app development company out there, try their demo apps, get quotes, and launch your app in a matter of a few weeks!

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