Tips On Improving Your Home This Winter

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Tips On Improving Your Home This Winter

The seasons are changing, which means it's the perfect time to refresh your home. Whether you want to prepare for cozy winter nights or welcome the brighter days of spring, there are many easy and affordable ways to give your home an upgrade. In this article, we'll explore tips for improving every room in your house to make it look and feel new again.              

Refresh Your Entryway

According to Levidia entryway sets the tone when you come home or welcome guests over. Make it more functional and inviting with these tips:

• Declutter coats, shoes, umbrellas. Donate or put away out-of-season items and organize the rest. Install hooks, racks, benches, and storage containers to keep things tidy.

• Paint or wallpaper the walls with a bold, welcoming color. Add mirrors or wall art for visual interest.

• Lay down a runner rug to define the space and absorb wet, muddy shoes. Freshen up your doormat if needed.

• Upgrade lighting fixtures and add lamps or sconces for brightness. Automated smart lights can also provide convenience.

• Add a place to sit and remove shoes like a bench or comfy chair. This gives you a space to relax as you arrive home.

• Incorporate seasonal decor like a wreath, flowers, or holiday decorations to instantly liven up the entry.

• If space allows, add a small table or shelf to hold keys, bags, and items as you enter. Baskets and trays corral small objects.

• Check for any repairs like cracked walls or floors, leaky roofs, and squeaky doors. Fix issues promptly.

• Give your front door a fresh coat of paint or stain if it looks worn or dated. Paint your address numbers too.

Revive Your Living Room

As the heart of your home, keep your living room stylish and comfortable with these seasonal improvements:

• Rearrange furniture to create a better flow or try a new layout. Move furniture away from walls and position it to promote conversation.

• Incorporate trendy accent pieces like poufs, slipper chairs, or decorative tables. Update pillows, throws, and accessories for a quick refresh.

• Repaint walls in a modern, neutral color if your living room feels dated. Accent with bold artwork or architectural detailing.

• Adjust lighting sources and add fixtures like side table lamps, sconces, or track lighting. Increase brightness in dark corners.

• Declutter shelves, coffee tables, and media cabinets. Organize items neatly and remove unnecessary clutter.

• Clean upholstered furniture and rugs to increase coziness. Steam clean carpets if needed to remove stains.

• Touch up any scuffed baseboards, crown molding, or windowsills throughout the room.

• Upgrade to smart devices like voice assistant speakers, WiFi-connected outlets, or smart lighting controls.

• Rearrange and fluff pillows, rotate cushions to even wear, and replace them as needed.

• Add personal touches like photos, and shelves to display collectibles and plants.

Update Your Dining Area

Hosting meals or holiday gatherings? Enhance your dining space with these seasonal tips:

• Clean chairs, and tables and tidy surrounding areas like counters, cabinets, or shelves.

• Add seasonal centerpieces like fresh flowers, wreaths, pinecones, or candles.

• Introduce festive dishware, glassware, and linens to dress up your table.

• Rearrange seating to improve flow and conversation areas. Consider benching for more seating.

• Update overhead lighting and add wall sconces or pendant lights for ambiance. Dimmer switches help set the mood.

• Incorporate decorative mirrors, art, and plants for visual interest. Greenery livens up the dining room.

• Refinish or polish dining tables and buffets to refresh worn pieces. Touch up any scratches or watermarks.

• Replace dining chairs with new upholstery or paint old chairs for a quick update.

• Add an area rug under the table to define the space and provide sound absorption.

• Ensure the dining table and chairs are clean before meals or gatherings—Disinfect high-touch surfaces.

Brighten Up Your Kitchen

As the workhorse of your home, give your kitchen some TLC this season with these tips:

• Organize cabinets and drawers to maximize space and efficiency. Donate unused items and consolidate dishes/cookware.

• Clean appliances inside and out, removing grease buildup, limescale, or dust. Replace filters if needed.

• Upgrade old hardware like cabinet pulls, faucets, sinks or knobs. Add stylish handles and finishes.

• Paint or reface cabinets in a fresh, modern color to transform the whole room. Consider glass-front cabinet upgrades.

• Strategically add lighting under cabinets, over the sink, and on ceiling fans to increase functionality. Task lighting is key.

• Freshen up floors by mopping, removing stains, or laying down new tile, vinyl or area rugs. Fix any cracked grout or tiles.

• Declutter countertops and store small appliances when not in use to improve workflow. A rolling cart provides extra storage.

• Add seasonal dishes, linens, and decor like fruit bowls, candle holders or window valances. Plants add life.

• Organize pots, pans and containers so items are visible and within reach. Install extra racks as needed.

• Check faucets and supply lines for leaks. Make any needed plumbing repairs promptly to avoid damage.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Provide a soothing, spa-like retreat in your bathroom with these seasonal updates:

• Clean exhaust fans and replace filters to improve air quality and ventilation. This reduces mold and mildew growth.

• Organize cabinets and drawers by donating old products and sorting items neatly. Lazy susans and pull-out drawers optimize space.

• Apply fresh caulk around sinks, tubs, and showers to fix leaks, and cracks and refresh grout. Re-grouting also helps.

• Update lighting and mirrors to brighten up grooming areas. Install new fixtures around the vanity.

• Paint the walls or cabinets and change out the hardware for an instant facelift. Stick to mildew-resistant paint.

• Freshen up towels, bath mats, shower curtains, and accessories like soap dispensers. Wash shower liner regularly.

• Improve storage with floating shelves, over-the-toilet racks or creative organizers and baskets. Bonus storage is key in bathrooms.

• Finish your bathroom by decluttering surfaces, wiping down tile and glass, and tidying clutter. Disinfect all high-touch areas.

• Consider re-caulking and re-sealing your shower/tub to prevent leaks and water damage.

Refresh Bedrooms and Closets

Don't neglect bedrooms and closets when doing seasonal home upgrades. Apply these tips:

• Organize closets and drawers to clear out unused clothes and maximize space. Donate unused items.

• Freshen up bedding with new quilt covers, pillowcases or shams. Layer on seasonal blankets.

• Wash walls, floors and laundered fabric pieces like curtains to remove dust and allergens. Change AC filters too.

• Clear surfaces of clutter like books, papers, and devices. Add pretty storage like baskets.

• Move your bed and furnishings to vacuum, declutter and improve the layout as needed. Rotate or flip mattresses.

• Add breathable area rugs over hardwood or tile floors to increase comfort underfoot.

• Update lighting sources like overhead fixtures, lamps, and natural light. Install dimmers.

• Rearrange art, mirrors and furnishings to improve aesthetics and function. Create a restful retreat.

• In kids’ rooms add colorful storage for toys. Display favorite items on shelves at their level.

• Check walls for needed repainting or repairs. Fix imperfections and touch-up paint.


With a little decluttering, cleaning, and strategic upgrades, you can easily refresh your whole home this season. Focus on quick changes that make a high impact like organizing, lighting, and decorative accents. For more ambitious projects, consider painting, installing new floors, or renovating bathrooms and kitchens. With these tips, you'll love spending time at home.

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    Decluttering and cleaning can really refresh the look of your home! And the change of season is the best time to do it - thanks for these tips! Madison

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