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Are you looking for the best and quick services for Dental Billing? Let me help you find the right platform. This article will help you consider the outsourced billing services with the mandatory qualities in 2023.

Following are some top choices for Dental services known for their assured revenue generation and comprehensive billing solutions.


1. Astron EHS

Astron EHS, Dental Billing Service Solution, is a medical and dental RCM company in the United States. The company is known for maximizing revenue generation and minimizing the errors in your Dental billing procedure. Additionally, the company is based on years of experience in this field and has a team of devoted billing professionals.

They will prove to be your Strategic Partner for providing billing services, including Insurance eligibility verification, Patients Demographics, Charge entry, Claim Submission, AR Follow-up, Payment posting, Data indexing and maintenance, and Tracking Claims Applications.

Astron EHS believes in empowering healthcare providers that enables them to focus on providing excellent patient care. Astron EHS is trustable because it is presently working for 100+ clients nationwide.

Astron EHS has impressed many clients through its notion for their company, saying, “ Do what you are best at serving your patients, and we will take care of the rest.”


2. eAssist Dental Solutions:

eAssists is a Dental Billing platform that is built for dentists by dentists. The company is famous for its quick resolution of insurance claims and for giving maximum satisfaction to its patients.

eAssist Dental Solutions provides you with the following services: Dental Billing and collections, Patient Billing and collections, Consistent income, Accounting and Bookkeeping, and Insurance Ready Credentialing.

eAssist has worked on bringing solutions to the old-time process of providing billing solutions. Their tech-powered provide future-focused solutions that consume less time, increase revenue, and lower the stress upon your team. eAssist would prove to be the best Assist to your administrative team, ultimately increasing your team's efficiency.


3. EZ Dental Billing:

EZ Dental Billing is a US-based company founded in 2010. They have been providing top-notch solutions for Dental billing needs for more than 10 years. You'll get proper assistance in keeping track of your receivables and maintaining efficiency.

EZ has created a unique outlook due to its two special qualities: Integrity and Mission.

- To maintain integrity, they have always maintained moral principles and ethical decisions. You can blindly trust them with on-time delivery and best quality work.

- EZ Digital Billing works with the mission of focusing on increasing patient flow and practice revenues.

Every client of EZ Dental Billing gets a dedicated team of four insurance specialists and a dedicated account manager. This team is always available and quickly responsive to you.


4. Dental Revenue Group:

Dental Revenue Group, a Dental billing service provider, was initiated in the year 2015. This organization is a team of 1000+ professionals in dental billing and coding. With highly affordable rates, the Dental revenue group proves to be a strength in growing your dental practice.

Services you get at Dental Revenue Group:

- Dental Billing Audit

- Dental Credentialing

- Benefits Verification

- Dental Claim Submission

- Account Receivable

- Payment Posting

They work on your dental management cycle to optimize revenue and enable you to focus on your main goals. Dental Revenue Group Solutions offers non-clinical services and operational support to reduce the administrative load.


5. Medusind

Medicine, the company having a complete revenue cycle management, is best at managing financial operations. They have a strong track of reducing costs and boosting revenue. The primary focus of Medusind is Client Satisfaction.

What makes Medusind different from others is its unique blend of deep industry abilities, robust operational capability, and client-focused service. They strive to improve the efficiency and profitability of healthcare agencies by implementing strategies.

You can expect effective solutions from Medusind due to their highly experienced personnel, cutting-edge technology, and modern approach. Along with streaming your billing and financial operations, they will provide you with analytic insights in your data and reporting.

Service offerings by Medusind:

- IV services

- Dental billing

- Credentialing

- Accounts Receivable Follow up

- Accounts Clean Up

- Payments & Denial Management

- Fee Schedule Maintenance

- Accounts Payable Outsourcing


6. Avitus Dental

The work reviews and services of Avitus Dental represent that they are aware of the unique needs of dental practices. The team at Avitus Dental provides top-notch billing and collection services. It's a true dream team!

Avitus Dental has a feature that allows you to access your data through their system and using analytics options. It simplifies your daily tasks, strengthens your market position, and grows your profitability.

They are best known for their:

- Punctuality in invoicing

- Secured technologies

- Improved communication with clients

- No risk in collection services


7. Antora Solutions

To ensure the long-term sustainability of your revenue cycle, Antora Solutions are here with their outstanding dental billing solutions. 

They handle the multiple interactions of your company with dentists, insurance companies, and the patient. Along with working for you, they keep you updated 24*7 regarding the status of every patient.

If you have partnered with a dental billing company like Antora Solutions for the billing process, you can relieve yourself from an additional burden. The security of data is always their priority and according to the terms and conditions .


8. Medisweans

Medisweans has offered a helping hand to more than 200 dental doctors and clinics for their dental billing services.

With their expertise and warm personalities, Medisweans believe in employee's commitment, sincerity, positive attitude, and communication skills. These qualities result in customer satisfaction and smooth delivery of the latest ideas.

Medisweans is listed among the fastest-growing medical billing companies offering timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and high-quality work.

What do they do?

- Coding

- Demographics entry

- Charge entry

- Cash posting

- A/R Analysis

- A/R calling

- Patient Calling


9. Flatworld solutions

If you find it challenging to keep a record of your Billing service requirement, you've landed on the perfect solution provider platform. Flatworld Solutions will take care of all your dental billing requirements with ease. They have been leading in this industry due to their hard work for the past 19 years.

They have a superb team of skilled and certified billing experts who work with the latest tools and technologies. With their medical billing software, they would never fail to provide the best services within a quick time.

Some of the key Dental billing services offered by Flatworld Solutions:

- Dental Insurance Verification

- Dental Patient Demographics Entry

- Dental Coding Services

- Dental Billing Charge Entry

- Dental Claims Submission

- Dental AR Follow-up

- Dental Payment Posting

- Dental Denial Analysis


10. Dental Claim Support

With the collective expertise of professionals in Dental billing services, One Digital Billing offers customizable solutions for each and every dental practice. You will get end-to-end revenue cycle management services for dental billing, coding, and claims management.

The team at Dental Claim Support is guided by its five fundamental team values:

- Success of Customer

- Transparency

- Reliability

- Professional excellence

- Alignment

Dental claim support works with the integration of RCM experts and a unique technology framework. To maximize your revenue, they utilize the methods of credentialing, insurance verification, dental billing, consulting, and much more.

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