Top 10 Suicidal Countries in the World

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The issue of suicide needs to be well understood. The suicide rates are different in different regions of the world, but some countries have a particularly high rate, which shows that there are some social, economic, and psychological factors, which are the reason for such a high rate. We will be touching upon the top 10 countries with the greatest suicide rate. Through an investigation into the specific issues these countries deal with, we would like to create consciousness and sympathy towards mental health problems around the globe.

1. Lesotho

Set in the midst of the South African region, Lesotho is facing a huge problem of the highest suicide rate in the world. Besides its charming environment, the issues of poverty, unemployment, and no access to mental health services are the main reasons for the mental health crisis. Authentically, cultural stigmas related to mental illness appear to be another contributing factor to the worsening of the situation since they create obstacles for people who need help to seek help.


2. Guyana

In the scenic areas of South America, Guyana is struggling with high rates of suicide, especially in its rural areas. Elements like social exclusion, alcohol and drug abuse, as well as the intergenerational impacts of colonial legacy have a huge contribution. Besides, the underdevelopment of mental health infrastructure and awareness programs that are critical in solving the problem became the most serious problems.

3. Eswatini

Formerly known as Swaziland, Eswatini is confronted with deep mental health issues despite its rich cultural heritage. Rates of poverty, HIV/AIDS, and gender-based violence constitute a significant factor in the country's suicides high statistics. In addition, cultural norms usually do not allow people to speak openly about mental health issues. Cultural norms are the main reason for stigma and they prevent people from accessing health care.

4. Kiribati

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Kiribati is facing the environmental pressures like climate change and rising sea levels which are adding to the already existing socioeconomic problems. A lack of mental health facilities and traditional coping methods that are being strained by modernization only exacerbates the situation. To deal with mental health in Kiribati, there is a need to adopt a comprehensive approach where the environment is given top priority together with psychological well-being.


5. Micronesia

Consisting of more than 2 thousand islands in the western Pacific Ocean, Micronesia is facing depression issues which are related to its colonial history and cultural diversity. Socioeconomic changes that take place at a rapid pace, substance abuse, and healthcare infrastructure that are not well developed, all contribute to high suicide rates among the youth. Culturally sensitive interventions that combine traditional healing practices with modern psychiatry are the key to addressing mental health disparities in Micronesia.

6. Suriname

In the green landscapes of South America, Suriname is faced with some complex depression issues due to its multiculturalism. The historical continuities of slavery, political unrest, and social inequality are the factors that lead to higher suicide rates among indigenous and Maroons communities. The campaigns for mental health literacy and community-based interventions are the tools to solve the basic causes of suicide in Suriname.

7. Zimbabwe

Having natural beauty, the country of Zimbabwe is struggling with problems of economy and politics, which affects the depression of the people in a significant way. People with higher levels of poverty, joblessness, and inequalities are worse off in this regard, and their mental health is adversely affected. In addition, mental health services are not easily accessible and the stigma persists that the nation's suicide epidemic cannot be addressed.


8. South Africa

South Africa is the most industrialized economy in Africa, the country is confronted with a multiplex fabric of mental wellness issues given the diversity of the cultures. Structural inequalities, historical legacies of apartheid, and high levels of violence all are factors that increase suicide rates, especially among the youth. Although the progressive depression policies are in place, the disparities in access to care still exist, which shows the need for targeted interventions in marginalized communities.

9. Mozambique

At the south eastern end of Africa, Mozambique has to live with a variety of depression issues brought about by poverty, armed conflict and natural disasters. The scarcity of mental health infrastructure, culturally-mediated beliefs, and traditional modes of treatment are some of the factors that impact the attitudes toward mental illness, making it difficult for an affected individual to seek help. In Mozambique, the depression issue needs to be approached through a collaboration that combines community-based interventions with systemic reforms in the healthcare sector.

10. Central African Republic

Located in the very seat of Central Africa, the Central African Republic is confronted with deep depression issues in the midst of the conflict and humanitarian crisis. Displacement, hunger, and massive violence are seen as the effects of the war that have affected the depression of the population, causing high rates of suicide. Even with international aid, the absence of a sustainable mental health infrastructure makes it hard to tackle the mental health crisis of the country.



The top 10 suicidal countries in the world have a multifaceted problem which explains the need for quick global action on mental health. From the socioeconomic disparities to the cultural stigmas, the reasons for suicide could be only addressed by implementing various solutions that involve the communities, policy reforms, and cross-cultural understanding. Through the development of empathy and awareness, we will be able to work together to create a world where mental health is seen as a basic human right, regardless of where we live.

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