Top 5 Causes of Hair Loss in Men

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Hair loss is accepted as a symptom of many scalp diseases or a consequence of several systemic disorders. The scalp is the most common area that is affected by hair loss. This can cause several changes in your appearance and self-esteem.

Hair loss is connected with craving for some people because it seems like there are fewer hairs lost, whereas other people try to control the appearance of their lost hair. To avoid this condition, Best Dermatologist in Udaipur have come out with several hair care products to help restore the natural production of hair more quickly with fewer side effects.

Extensively used by men and women, the use of chemical treatments to keep the hair is so common in today's society. With the advancement in technology, low cost, but very effective chemicals are now easily available from your local neighbourhood beauty stores. Hormonal imbalances due to excessive use of these products can not only cause hair loss, but also severe damage to health. It is important to know what kind of hair loss you may have so you can effectively treat it with treatments out there like Rogaine and Propecia with Skin Specialist Doctor in Udaipur.


1. Age

There are many reasons why an individual may suffer hair loss. One is because of aging. As a person ages, the duration of time it takes for one's hair to grow back slows down. Hair ends up becoming thinner as time progresses and bald patches may appear. It affects the most active individuals, who are younger than men in their 40s and up to 50s.


2. Genetics

Our hair grows naturally over time, but sometimes this process is not natural. Men lose hair for a number of reasons, including genetics (heredity), stress, and aging. Each of these factors contributes to male pattern baldness in men. Male pattern baldness affects the hairline, crown, sides and back of the head. Unfortunately, genetics are a cause of hair loss in many men.


3. Hormonal changes

Hormones, or hormonal changes, can cause hair loss in men. This can be triggered by androgens, especially testosterone. Men have a testosterone peak early in their 20s before levels start to decline, which causes hair loss. It's referred to as the 'male pattern baldness' and is the most common type found in men.


4. Nutritional deficiencies

Hair loss is a very common problem among men, with an estimated 2/3 of men losing some hair by the age of 35. Hair loss, while a concern for all can be devastating to those who are youth oriented. A youthful haircut and attractive hairstyle are important in looking young.

There are many causes of hair loss in men, but it is generally accepted that 80% of hair loss in men is caused by genetics, and 20% is caused by external factors like diet, stress, smoking and chemicals. It has been determined that nutritional deficiencies are one of the top five causes of hair loss in men.


5. A stressful life event 

While hair loss doesn't discriminate, it can be more prominent in certain areas. The most common area would be on the top of the head and this is often referred to as male pattern baldness. It's also possible for a man to notice that his hairline is receding or that he's losing hair on the sides of his head. These can both be painful to experience or watch as they happen. However, there are a variety of reasons why you could lose your hair and each cause could have its own method of treatment.

Not only is it embarrassing, it makes you feel vulnerable and weak. Your hair is something that men can control, unlike getting fat, thinning skin, or slower reflexes as you age. It's hard to get back once it's gone, and scary to think about losing it all one day. At least people don't lose their teeth at once and grow a moustache permanently! Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for hair to fall out during stressful life events — or even after experiencing them

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