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According to officials, after Shaikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance and Industry, launched the system at the Gulfood Exhibition 2019 in Dubai, it will be mandatory for food outlets to display the QR codes in their premises as and when they are issued one. Want to confirm that a Dubai restaurant or food establishment you want to visit complies with safety and hygienic requirements? No issue.

As reported by the Dubai Municipality, there are around 18,000 food enterprises of various types. Starting with hotels, cafés, and other businesses in congested areas, all of them will progressively obtain QR codes. A new QR Code system will allow you to choose meals based on cleanliness and safety.

Why should restaurants have a QR code menu?

  1. A QR menu for restaurants allows for contactless ordering and payments for table, pick-up, and in-house deliveries.
  2. Less personnel needed — a staffing issue is affecting the hospitality industry internationally. High traffic restaurants that use a QR menu for table and pick-up orders claim that they can manage sizable dining rooms with 50% fewer staff members. This is particularly true of major hotels and resorts that wish to accept more orders from guests in their rooms, at the pool, and on the beach yet lack the employees to do so.
  3. Increased standards of service - With applications that can collect payments and QR menus that enable ordering, customers may place orders as soon as they are seated, further cutting down on the time that waiters must spend serving excellent meals.
  4. Efficient social media engagement and loyalty - QR menus with social media integration and re-marketing built-in can let the restaurant take orders directly from Facebook and Instagram while re-marketing dine-in customers with pick-up and in-house delivery orders.
  5. As opposed to tablet and kiosk choices, QR menus require no additional gear, making them the most affordable entry point for restaurants and hotels looking to go digital.
  6. Since visitors' phones are the only devices that show QR menus, there is one less thing to clean.
  7. Not requiring download Customers do not have to download any complete menu applications like they would with app-based solutions. A simple code scan is all that is required to bring up the contactless menu.
  8. Menu adjustments made instantly - Instead of having to reprint menus, the restaurant can immediately alter the menu to reflect sold-out products and pricing changes.
  9. More 5-star ratings — Due to the convenience of QR menus, restaurants are reporting an increase in 5-star evaluations.
  10. Multiple languages - A contactless menu frequently allows for the selection of several different languages.
  11. User-friendliness - Customers just open their iPhone camera (or Google Lens) and scan a QR code to access the menu.
  12. Flexibility - These menus can be as simple as a single picture (quick setup) or as complicated as a full ordering and payment solution (more complex).
There are several choices for QR menus. Here is a list of the top contactless menu services available so you can choose the one that is appropriate for your establishment.

1. Bonee

Bonee QR menu is the ideal tool for restaurants, cafes, stores, and other company kinds to provide their clients a beautiful QR menu, digital menu, and assist them in placing orders with a few easy clicks from restaurant menu, cafe menu. By employing this one tool, you can increase your audience's engagement, motivate them, save expenses, and save time. 

Adaptable, high-quality tools
Reservations and ordering without a phone
Excellent for takeout

Initial configuration may be a little more simple.

Starter – $39/month
Basic- $59/month
Advanced- $79/month
Pro – $99/month
Premium – $129/month

2. Orderlina 

Restaurants and hotels may use the contactless QR menu solution from Orderlina. They provide takeaway, curbside, and delivery alternatives in addition to contactless dine-in solutions, which are their primary focus.
Their contactless ordering QR menu features the following:

  • Simple image-based menu when browsing a menu
  • Fully interactive menu with advanced ordering for delivery, pickup, dining in, and curbside
  • Customer registration - Customers may easily alert personnel when they arrive
Orderlina supports a broad range of locations and offers assistance for images and detailed descriptions of meals. Any venue type, including restaurants, hotels, pubs, food trucks, or events, may utilize the platform since it is adaptable.

Free plan available
Flexible menu options – simple image or fully interactive
Self on-boarding allows for quick setup (10 minutes).

Free plan limited to 200 views

Free – $0/month
Venue – $19/month
Venue+ – $49/month
Multi – $99/month

3. Zoop Global

Zoop Global is a completely free and simple Global Restaurant Management System. The Zoop Global App was created to give a simple meal ordering option to businesses and customers worldwide. Zoop Global also provides establishments with a free digital menu and QR code menu for easier online ordering.

Multiple venues
Simple Interface

Zoop Global is absolutely free and easy to use.


Restaurants, hotels, and even huge facilities like stadiums and swimming pools have possibilities thanks to Quick Orders. With the help of the software, you can place an order, call a waiter, and peruse a digital menu all from your smartphone or tablet. 

Multiple venues

Intermittent site failure, most likely a transitory issue.

Unavailable (Contact website)


The lowest level of membership on Eatsee is free for eateries that wish to design their own menus. A premium plan is required for more services including expert photographs, advertising, and analytics. It necessitates using your Facebook account to log in, which can be problematic for certain major venues.

Generous free option
Interface with filters and ordering

Requires Facebook

Free (ad-supported) – $0/month
Starter – $30/month
Standard – $50/month

Menulingua is a contactless ordering and payment system based on QR codes. It offers a simple design and several language options. It also promises to be able to increase ratings on Dazhong Dianping (Chinese TripAdvisor).

Many languages
Chinese concentration
Simple interface

Minimal feature set

Single plan – $21/month
Plan has multi-month and yearly options

7. wMenu 
Large hotels and resorts that profit from convenient sub-menus for bars, rooms, restaurants, pools, nightclubs, and general services are the target market for wMenu. It offers real-time information for conferences and events as well as a hotel guide for visitors. It's quite fantastic if that is required.

Powerful hotel guide

Dated interface


None of these QR menu solutions excelled in every category we evaluated, although a few came close. Finally, if you own a restaurant, consider using Zoop Global.
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