Top 8 Factory Outlet Wholesale Clothing Supplier For 2023

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Venturing on the journey of establishing a profitable clothing business requires much more than a fancy website and marketing! Since everyone is eager to step into a stable and booming industry like clothing, competition keeps growing continuously. So, to get ahead of the competition things like an immersive boutique website are not enough. What is enough then?

To establish a profitable clothing business you will require competitive prices, trend-setting fashion, high-quality cloth material and exceptional logistics management. All this boils down to where you source your clothes from. Getting top tier in all the factors requires a factory outlet wholesale clothing suitable for your boutique's needs.

So, let’s take a look at some top-notch factory outlet wholesale clothing suppliers as they immensely impact the trajectory of your business:


1. Shewin

Want to make your competition envy your product's pricing? Introducing you to Shewin a fashion-forward factory outlet wholesale clothing supplier offering unbeatable prices! Creating your business the powerhouse of style and affordability Shewin is a credible manufacturer partnered with 100 reputable suppliers.

Curious, what more Shewin can deliver?  How about the capacity to manufacture 100,000 high-quality clothes daily with customization and dropshipping options? Yes! You heard it right, Originated in Quanzhou, China, the origin of the Silk Road, Shewin is a women’s apparel brand that operates with a factory spanning over 5,000 square meters.

The treasure trove of premium clothing Shewin can up your clothing business inventory! From wholesale outwear to a diverse array of tops, bottoms, elegant dresses, cosy cardigans and more Shewin has women’s apparel piquing the interest of a wide customer base.



2. Wholesale Fashion Square

Established in 2006 Wholesale Fashion Square is a women’s clothing brand serving quality clothes. WFS makes it possible for you to get affordable clothes by collecting premium quality clothes from various manufacturers.

Being able to source from multiple manufacturers WFS provides clothes to retailers at low prices. With quantity being a priority WFS ensure their partners get the latest apparel with jewelry and accessories.


3. Adora USA

Adora is a trusted name amongst factory outlets wholesale clothing women's apparel. By racking your inventory with their products you will get to have stylish clothes for multiple occasions. While Adora has several beautiful high-grade clothing with varying sizes, their return policy is also excellent.

Refunds or returns are only accepted in case of damages on receipt by Adora USA. Further, the shipping process takes around three to ten business days. 


4. Zaful

One of the most prominent factory outlet wholesale clothing suppliers Zaful is a destination for affordable men's and women's apparel. With consistent new launches of products, Zaful offers designer quality clothes that capture emotions.

From patterns to clothes design, trend research, manufacturing inks used and logistics all are taken care of by Zaful. So, you can actively work on the other aspects of your business while Zaful manages the logistics and clothes quality.


5. Faire

A renowned factory outlet wholesale clothing Faire is a platform connecting manufacturers with local retailers. Over 100,000 brands are available on Faire from whom you can purchase to exponentially grow your business.

Started in 2017 Faire provides a huge variety of modern clothes with alluring products free to return on opening orders. Being a remarkable factory outlet wholesale clothing supplier Faire is one reliable platform to get affordable deals.


6. BrandsGateway

Looking to add renowned brand names to your clothing business inventory? If so, then BrandsGateway is a remarkable choice! From brands like Gucci, and Michale Kors to Prada there are over 100 luxurious brands available from which you can source your store's clothes.

Operating in more than 170+ countries BrandsGateway has seamless worldwide shipping available with trusted couriers. Their factory outlet wholesale clothing can significantly benefit your business by equipping it with several trendy wearables.


7. Wholesale7

Affordability with exclusive and premium clothing provided by Wholesale7 can equip your business with a pricing advantage. Along with competitive pricing tons of valuable deals are offered by Wholesale7 like free shipping starting from orders above $199. At their factory outlet wholesale clothing realtors can find women’s and men's clothing of high A1 quality. 

Wholesale 7 caters to both men and women, with a diverse selection of apparel, shoes, bags and additional accessories. Whether you're a fashion-savvy individual or a boutique owner, they've got you covered with their online business-to-business (B2B) approach.


8. LA Showroom

Distributors, manufacturers and designers brought together LA Showroom factory outlet wholesale clothing suppliers to provide retailers with a vast collection of clothing. From accessories to apparel for all age groups LA Showroom hooks you up with multiple perks.

Perks that LA Showroom deliver includes product images, buyers' rewards and free joining to their services. With their services, you can fill your store with a wide variety of premium and affordable clothing.


Wrap Up

Rising competition in the clothing industry demands suppliers capable of becoming your business's robust backbone. With having an exceptional supplier your business can generate phenomenal profits. So, choosing one wisely should be your top priority as numerous factory outlet wholesale clothing suppliers are available to pick from.

While Shewin is remarkable for affordable women's apparel, Wholesale7 could be your choice for both men's and women’s clothing. Therefore, based on your business needs, find a supplier suitable for fulfilling your business demands. 

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