Top Digital Pathology Companies in the World

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Healthcare digitization is rapidly transforming the industry, making healthcare operations more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. Digital pathology is one of the most important aspects of healthcare evolution, and its rapid adoption is changing the way pathological information is acquired, managed, interpreted, and shared. Digital pathology is the acquisition and management of digitized specimen data and information. It employs virtual microscopy to convert glass slides into digital slides so that data can be viewed, analyzed, and shared on a computer monitor. Telepathology is a remote pathology system that uses telecommunications technology to transfer image-rich data and information to different locations for diagnostic, research, or educational purposes. Pathologists are increasingly using cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL), and machine learning (ML) to automate image analysis and improve disease diagnosis speed and accuracy.

According to the most recent Reports and Data study, the global digital pathology market was worth USD 553 million in 2020 and is expected to grow at a 13.8 percent CAGR during the forecast period. The market's revenue growth is primarily attributed to the increasing adoption of digital pathology to improve laboratory efficiency and advance pathology workflows. Other key factors driving market revenue growth include increasing prevalence of acute and chronic diseases, a growing patient pool, and increased use of high-throughput and automated digital pathology scanners and image analysis tools. Advances in whole-slide imaging (WSI), rapid integration of computer-aided diagnosis (CAD), and increasing adoption of digital pathology software applications all contribute to revenue growth.

Top Digital Pathology Companies in the World 2022


Leica Biosystems

Leica Biosystems is a leading medical device manufacturer based in Germany that specializes in laboratory automation and advanced workflow solutions. The company, which is a division of Danaher Corporation, is a leading provider of cutting-edge pathology, radiology, oncology, and surgical solutions. Leica is best known for its high-quality digital pathology solutions, including the Aperio Digital Pathology Slide Scanners, which provide superior image quality and dependability for whole slide imaging procedures. The company has operations in the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, the Netherlands, Ireland, Bulgaria, Australia, China, Singapore, and India.


Koninklijke Philips N.V.

Koninklijke Philips N.V., or Philips, is a Dutch multinational corporation headquartered in Amsterdam. Philips is known around the world for its cutting-edge electronic products and health technology solutions. The Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution1, which includes the IntelliSite ultra-fast scanner, image management system, and image viewer software, has been a success in the digital pathology segment. These products are designed specifically to improve pathology workflows and patient care.



Hoffmann-La Roche AG is a multinational pharmaceutical and diagnostic company that provides best-in-class solutions. The VENTANA Companion Algorithm image analysis software is part of Roche's Digital Pathology portfolio, which includes cutting-edge hardware and software. The VENTANA DP 200 slide scanner provides high-speed scanning for precise diagnosis. The Swiss healthcare behemoth launched two automated digital pathology algorithms for breast cancer in January 2021, namely uPath HER2 (4B5) image analysis and uPath HER2 Dual ISH image analysis.


Apollo Enterprise Imaging

Apollo Enterprise Imaging Corp., based in the United States, was founded in 1993 and is a leading provider of clinical multi-media management solutions, including the Apollo EPMM (Enterprise Patient Multimedia Manager), which includes up to 45 specialty-specific workflows. Its ground-breaking Enterprise Imaging Solution arcc®, which enables safe and audited universal viewing and management of clinical multimedia and patient data, is distinguished by high interoperability and next-generation security.


Inspirata Inc.

Inspirata Inc., a leading American biotechnology company, provides cutting-edge digital pathology and oncology solutions. DynamyxTM is the company's flagship end-to-end digital pathology solution, delivering essential case allocation, outsourcing functionality, and real-time collaboration. Its superior workload visibility and intelligent workflows can manage potential throughput bottlenecks.



PathAI, based in Massachusetts, is a well-known company that provides AI-powered pathology solutions for faster and more accurate disease diagnosis. PathAI's translational platform is built by an experienced team of scientists, machine learning engineers, and biostatisticians. The digital pathology solutions aid in the identification and analysis of novel cellular and tissue patterns in order to gain insights into various stages of drug development.

Charles River Laboratories

Charles River Laboratories International Inc. is a pharmaceutical company based in the United States that specializes in preclinical and clinical laboratory services, cell therapy, and gene therapy for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Its product and service portfolio includes a wide range of biomedical products and services for pharmaceutical and biotechnological R&D, drug discovery, manufacturing, and clinical support. Its comprehensive digital pathology portfolio includes digital slide scanners and integrated slide management systems, as well as image analysis solutions based on deep learning and machine learning.


Aiforia Technologies

Finland-based Pathologists can use Aiforia Technologies' deep learning and AI-based image analysis software to advance and automate image analysis tasks and workflows in preclinical, clinical, and academic settings. The company's cloud-based pathology solutions and services help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies all over the world streamline time-consuming image analysis workflows and deliver best-in-class results.


Ibex Medical Analytics

This Israeli firm is a global leader in AI-powered cancer diagnostics, providing world-class pathology solutions to improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. Ibex uses artificial intelligence to create clinical-grade pathology solutions that detect cancer accurately. Its GalenTM Breast and GalenTM Prostate platforms are among the first AI-based cancer diagnosis solutions widely used in pathology labs around the world.



Proscia is a leading AI software company headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States. With proven computational pathology applications, its Concentriq® digital pathology platform is transforming pathology practice and economics. With its intelligent software and cutting-edge pathology solutions and services, the company hopes to improve cancer diagnosis.

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