Top Halloween Costumes Inspired by Yellowstone

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With over a billion viewers, the Yellowstone series has managed to reap over 100 million dollars of transactional revenue. The main credit for success lies within the twisted plot, uncertain storyline and all the stunning apparel that might be an excellent Yellowstone Costume for Halloween if you are seeking something different from rather boring ideas.

So keep on reading, and the forthcoming content will shed light upon the top 3 Halloween costume ideas inspired by the Yellowstone series. So, without any further discussion, let us jump into the content.

A complete guide for Yellowstone Halloween costume ideas

We will shed light upon all the stunning costume ideas, one followed by the other, to assure you do not miss even a single part of crucial information.

1: Rip Wheeler Costume

Played by the talented Cole Hauser, Rip Wheeler is one of the significant characters of the series. He is the right hand of Ranch's head, John Dutton, as well as the husband of his daughter Beth. Just like his strong personality, Rip portrays some strong looks. To replicate his costume, start by wearing a plain black formal shirt with a normal collar, central button closure with white buttons and full-length sleeves.

Now, dress down in vibrant blue denim pants that have a straight fit. Finally, pull over the classic Rip Wheeler jacket that is crafted from premium quality canvas cotton fabric and has a thick and warm viscose lining attached inside. Plus, find full-length sleeves, a style collar, buttoned closure and two flap pockets on the chest as well as on the waist.

To finish off the look, add the classic cowboy hat, shoes and a brown-colored waist belt with a silver metal buckle, and voila, you're all ready to attend the next Halloween party in rancher style.

2: John Dutton Costume

Kevin Costner did a remarkable job portraying John Dutton, who is the head of the Dutton family as well as the legal owner of Yellowstone Ranch. His sense of style is a clear illustration of decency and beauty. To assemble the John Dutton costume, start by getting into a formal blue shirt with a greyish undertone. Now get draped in a pure black hoodie with a front zipper closure followed by the basic calm blue-colored denim pants. Righter after this, pull over the classic John Dutton Brown Quilted Jacket Yellowstone.

Made out of premium quality canvas cotton fabric, this jacket will stand tough against the test of time while making you look like the exact copy of John Dutton. In addition, find classic zipper closures with quilted viscose lining, shirt style collar, and three pockets in front with two attached to the inner shell. Hence, with this costume, you do not have to carry any separate bag, ruining your whole look. You can put on any belt of your choice as it won't be visible under the heavy layers of clothing. Add the final touches to your Halloween costume with the cowboy hat and boots. 

3: Beth Dutton Costume

Beth Dutton (Portrayed by Kelly Reilly) got an immense amount of fame for his character in the series. She is bold, beautiful and has a smart but bright mind. The same are the characteristics her costume depicts. So, to start with the replication process, cloth yourself in any piece of clothing. Don't worry about the collar and design, as this top layer won't be visible in the final look. Now pull on your skin-fitted blue colored denim pants. Remember to go with a bright blue color instead of navy blue or pale blue.

At this moment, pull over the elegant yet beautiful Beth Dutton Pink Printed coat. Made out of the finest quality wool blend material, this amazing piece of apparel has a soft viscose fabric lining. In addition, find long sleeves along with open hem cuffs, two patch waist pockets and a classic front open closure. Lastly, put on some subtle nude makeup look, and you are all ready to go.


On the bottom line, Yellowstone costumes might be an ideal choice to assemble your outfit for this Halloween season. Nevertheless, from the widely cluttered range, it might get difficult to choose one option. The same is why we have formed this ultimate guide that discusses John Rip and Beth Dutton Costume.

So make sure to read from start to finish with your full concentration.


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