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Vaping is on the rise, and this trend has taken the world by storm. People of all ages, from teens to elderly smokers, have embraced the ease and convenience of electronic devices for smoke production. Vapes are much simpler to use, as they don't require a lighter and don't have the unpleasant odor that cigarettes produce. Thus, taking a couple of puffs on the go has become a no-brainer, which dedicated smokers definitely love. Besides, vaping device producers offer a variety of e-liquids spanning from nicotine-containing products to zero-nicotine and CBD-infused variants. Smoking has never been that easy and fun.

Overall, vaping is a relatively safe practice, though it still has its pros and cons consumers should consider. Some praise the principle of smoke production that doesn’t involve burning the CBD flower or tobacco, which is much less hazardous for the human lungs. However, even without the combustion byproducts’ inhalation, CBD vaping may come with serious side effects for the users. Thus, we recommend using vaping with discretion and monitoring your state of health, discontinuing its use if you notice any persistent health issues like cough, dizziness, nausea, or red eyes.

Another point of concern is to choose products from reliable, legit brands. This way, you can minimize the risks of lung damage and enjoy a safe vaping experience with the potent therapeutic effects of CBD for your health condition. Here is an overview of the best CBD for vaping available in the market. We cover reliable brands with a good reputation to let you enjoy safe, predictable user experiences with minimal risks.


#1 CBDfx

CBDfx is a brand with a rich history in the CBD market. It started operations in 2014, becoming one of the first companies to enter the international CBD industry with high-quality products. The vaping juices of CBDfx are distinguished with great fruit and terpene-based flavors, among which each customer will find something to their liking. Besides, moderate pricing is the manufacturer's indisputable advantage; you can get a 30ml bottle of vaping liquid for the price that other brands charge for around 10ml, and that's without quality compromises. The CoA for every vaping product is available on the brand's official website.


#2 Harmony CBD

Harmony CBD is another popular brand with an international presence that manufactures top-quality, safe CBD vaping juices with natural, mouth-watering flavors. This way, the users are spoilt for delicious aromas and tastes that will satisfy even the pickiest buyers. For instance, the Strawberry & Mint or Mango flavors are truly delicious and have no rivals in the CBD vaping market. Besides, Harmony CBD features naturally flavored CBD vaping juice that allows mature users to feel the full spectrum of hemp flavor and taste. Another serious advantage that users report is the potent effect of Harmony CBD vaping juice on anxiety, stress, and PTSD. This way, the brand combines delicious flavors with tangible effects and high product quality – a winning combo for any CBD company.


#3 Just CBD

Another hit in the US CBD vaping market, Just CBD is a top-rated provider of effective, delicious vaping liquids. The company has branded vaping pens from which consumers may choose their favorite design and form and features vaping liquids with assorted flavors, such as pineapple, coconut, strawberries, and cookies. The company ensures a flexible selection for customers of varied experience levels and daily CBD needs, so you can buy CBD vape oil with potency ranging from 100mg per bottle to 3,000mg per bottle. All lab reports are available on the official website, proving that the vaping e-liquid is manufactured from top-quality ingredients and features only organic hemp extracts. 


#4 Koi CBD

Koi CBD is also a popular brand with international coverage. It processes CBD extract in an ISO-certified lab and ensures the safety and purity of ingredients in all its products, including vaping liquids. Besides, Koi is broadly recognized for the low toxicity of its product range, meaning that people experience minimal to no side effects when consuming Koi merchandise.

Koi’s vaping liquids don’t feature nicotine or THC; the brand uses only broad-spectrum CBD in the manufacturing process to avoid any risks of THC-induced side effects. The company uses whole-plant extraction procedures to source organic, top-grade hemp extract for inclusion in the vaping solutions. The well-known flavor hits by Koi are watermelon green, pink lemonade, and blue raspberry dragon. Besides, the company offers a separate product line called Koi White – it contains zero nicotine and flavors, giving the users a rich, authentic CBD vaping experience.


#5 Secret Nature

Secret Nature is an artisan CBD manufacturer with a broad presence in the international market. It produces CBD vape pens and cartridges using fresh-frozen CBD flower resin, thus ensuring exquisite flavors and aromas and the potency of CBD effects on the users. The company features full-spectrum CBD in its vaping liquids, thus guaranteeing the full richness of cannabinoids and terpenes in the content. Its popular products include the THCA disposable vape, Super 8 (vaping liquid with Delta 8), Grape Ape, Lemon Diesel, Orange Royale, Bellini, and other mouth-watering flavors. Users can also buy vape cartridge batteries and chargers from the brand and try vaping liquids enhanced with additional cannabinoids, like CBDV, CBDVA, CBG, CBN, and CBC, among others.  


Choose Wisely and Beware the Risks

As you can see, the CBD market is full of top-quality brands that work hard to make their clients’ CBD use safe and rewarding. However, setting all the marketing claims and safety/purity considerations aside, you should keep in mind that vaping as such is a significant health hazard. The technology is badly under-researched, and there is zero understanding of the long-term effects of regular vaping on the users’ health. Some studies already point to the lung injury hazards and infections users can obtain with poor-quality vaping e-liquids. Thus, it’s recommended to exercise moderation in CBD use via vaping and monitor your condition regularly to avoid chronic lung disease development.

The author of this material is Denys Svirepchuk, an expert in cannabis technology and a full-time cannabis blogger at AskGrowers. Denys researches the market to find the best picks among CBD brands and shares his findings with consumers. He is passionate about the potential of the cannabis market for human health and wants to bridge the knowledge gap for safe and responsible CBD use.

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