Top 8 Trendy Style Dresses for Bridesmaids That Matches Your Wedding Theme

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Weddings are a most special day for brides, and they should be planned and organised as per the theme. Additionally, your bridesmaid's dresses should match the wedding theme for perfect shots. There are trendy colours, styles and designs available for bridesmaids online. However, bridesmaid dress hire is the best option to save your closet space, money and time. Everyone cannot arrange the same dress colour from their closet, and photographs will look perfect only with the proper style and colour of bridesmaid dresses.

A slight change may bring a drastic difference to your wedding day photographs. You can choose the best trendy dresses that can make your day. In this article, you will discover the best trendy bridesmaid dresses for 2023.


1. Off-shoulder dress for bridesmaid

An off-shoulder dress looks perfectly fine with a delicate, sleek and sophisticated look. It will provide an impressive appearance to the bridesmaid. A plain simple dress with frills and loose sleeves makes the dress more wonderful. It creates a patterned design with sweeping off-shoulder sleeves. You should choose the dress wisely with the perfect material or fabric to get comfortable for the whole particular wedding day.


2. One shoulder dress

One shoulder dress provides a versatile, stylish and classic appearance with favourable light colours. Choose neutral colours that look perfect for the photographs. An A-line trendy flowing skirt will create a stunning look for the wearer. It is perfectly suitable attire for a wedding party. Dresses play a vital role in contributing to wedding photographs and videos with full elegance or poses. You can choose the freestyle dresses for bridesmaids for wedding day event photographs.


3. Spaghetti strap dress with the split skirt for bridesmaid

The split skirt dress creates an admirable dreamy look and exudes confidence with femininity. Floor length dress should be selected with perfect dress material that makes it breathable and elegant. Don't worry about dress storage when you choose to hire dresses in Melbourne. You can easily return the dress as it is after wearing it for a wedding event or function. Select the best dress material, as chiffon fabric will be wrinkle-resistant for longer. The bridesmaid's stylish and classic dress appearance may improve the background beauty of the bride's photographs.


4. Trumpet mermaid dress

A trumpet mermaid-style dress will provide an amazing look for the wedding party bridesmaid. It may feel comfortable and convenient to carry it for the day and allow you to pose perfectly. Sleek patterned designs and colours should be chosen wisely without any changes in pre-planned shoots or poses. The silhouette should be arranged suitably to fit the body and create curves outward from the knee. The trumpet mermaid is still in trend for bridesmaids.


5. Halter bridesmaid dress in trend

It looks stylish, trendy and fashionable with a proper appearance. You can choose dark colours in halter dresses, which may look beautiful with an ultimate sleek design. A waist belt can be considered an option as it creates a more admirable look. It may look like a designer piece with the help of a waist belt. The halter dress creates a thin, spaghetti strap design formed in a framing structure covering the neckline. A floor-length flare look will provide a wedding event or ceremony look for a theme design photography.


6. V-neck dress

A V-neck dress may provide a simple and sweet look to the bridesmaid. It is a prevalent style pickup in many wedding ceremonies. A plain and simple design will be available at reasonable prices. You can carry it in formal functions also or you can search for formal dress hire in Melbourne to get a suitable bridesmaid dress. Heels and accessories will suit the V-neck dress or gown at the party.


7. Dress with 3/4th length sleeves

It looks beautiful in the early spring and winter wedding season. You cannot stand out sleeveless shivering, 3/4th sleeve or full sleeves will help and look stunning with a theme-based look. A V-neck dress with sleeves will look stunning on every body type. You can pair such dresses with heels, flats and accessories like a waist belt or a matching jacket will make you look gorgeous.


8. V-back dress for bridesmaid

You may notice that V-back dresses provide a gorgeous appearance to the bridesmaid for photos. They may create a standard background for natural bride photography. Its sleek design may provide you with a pleasant artistic look.

All the above style dresses are in trend for bridesmaids in 2023. You may choose to hire the dress if you are going to wait to wear it after the wedding event. Dress hire stores also provide other party or fancy dress competition dresses. You can hire summer race dresses for school competitions or sports days. 

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