Have an ugly pillar in your home? Transform it with faux stone!

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Support pillars serve an important role in a home, but sometimes they are placed inconveniently in a home. They might be randomly in the middle of a room or a walkway as if the home builders just decided that it was good enough when they placed it. Unfortunately, with support pillars, even if they are poorly placed, you cannot remove them without considerable costs and often quite a bit of construction to make the surrounding walls able to support the weight that the pillar had been holding up. So, what is a homeowner to do when dealing with a thoughtlessly placed pillar they cannot remove? Find a way to make it look better. In this article, we will look at how to make an ugly pillar attractive using faux stone.


Why faux stone to improve an ugly pillar?

When you need to transform an ugly pillar, faux stone is excellent because it is an affordable DIY solution. It is usually not more than ¾ inch in thickness, so it will not add a ton of bulk to the existing pillar, which is good when the pillar is already in the way and taking up too much space that could better be used on other things. Faux stone also comes in various colours and patterns, so you can inevitably find one that works with the colour scheme of the rest of your home, making the pillar blend in a little more. If you are a DIYer, you probably want to make the pillar look nicer on your own, but using real stone or brick is difficult to do on your own; it usually requires a professional mason's help. Plus, it does not make the mess that stone or brick makes; they can just screw right into the existing pillars, so you can transform that ugly pillar in your home in no time.

Faux stone is perfect for an indoor or outdoor support pillar that you want to improve the look of. It is waterproof and durable, so it can handle being on your home's exterior during a storm without sustaining much, if any, damage.


What if the pillar is round?

While most faux stone you come across for pillars is square, you can still use faux stone for it if your pillar is round; it will just take a little more work on your part. All you will need to do is build a square wooden frame around the pillar first and ensure it is secured to the floor and ceiling. Then you will be able to install the faux stone around your pillar with ease.

ugly pillar home faux stone


ugly pillar home faux stone


ugly pillar home faux stone


Faux Stone Pillar Wainscoting


ugly pillar home faux stone


If you do not want to have the faux stone around the entire pillar, just around the bottom half of it, you can easily do that as a wainscoting project. To give the faux stone the top that it needs to look finished, you can add some trim pieces too, which will complete the look. You can paint the top half of the pillar in a color that complements the stone and add some décor to it to make it stand out.


Other Tips to Improve an Ugly Pillar


Install Fake Support Beams

In addition to installing faux stone around your pillar, you can also add some fake support beams to the ceiling, which will make the pillar's placement look a little less random than it currently does. This should make the placement look a little more thoughtful than it might currently appear to be. You will need to add them in more areas than just near the pillar, though, so it looks intentional. Otherwise, the support beams may continue the random look of the pillar and make it draw more attention.


Wrap the Pillar in Vines

You can also get some silk vines to wrap around the pillar to make it more attractive or something similar that works better with your interior design.


Add Shelves

Another unique idea for a wainscoting pillar is to install small bookshelves around the top half of the pillar. This makes it more functional and gives you another place to store your books and take some off of your overflowing shelves. You can also add bookshelves to the entire thing with the faux stone as the background behind the bookshelves, making it an even more unique space.


Final Thoughts

While this randomly placed, ugly pillar that is sitting in the middle of the room is currently an unsightly inconvenience, faux stone can transform it into something that is unique and beautiful, and it is great for the DIYer on a budget. In just a few hours, your pillar can become something beautiful and feel like it actually belongs in the room.


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