Ultrasound Scans during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an emotional time that creates a bond between the mother and foetus. Most parents are excited to see their babies before birth. It is possible with the help of the ultrasound scan technique. Ultrasound is a method that can create the image of your baby in the womb visible on the monitor using soundwaves technology. You can search for the best ultrasound centre near me to get an accurate and instant appointment. It is also done to check the baby's health and that its pulses are working fine. Book appointments with professionals as they know the best techniques and provide perfect scans.


Reason to get an ultrasound scan during pregnancy

Ultrasound is a safe procedure to check your baby's health and growth. An unborn baby needs constant checkups for normal pulse rate identification. It is essential to get the ultrasound scan done because of multiple reasons.

It helps to confirm that the pregnancy is viable and the baby's health is progressing. The due date or near birth month can be identified or estimated through regular checks. It also confirms the age of your unborn baby and its position in the womb. Ultrasound scan tells that the organs of an unborn baby are continuously developing. The size and growth of the baby can be easily scanned through ultrasound.


Routine scans during pregnancy

Some scans are recommended as routine checks. You can get an ultrasound scan to ensure the baby's health and position.


1. Dating scan

It is usually done in the first trimester, and you can get it done by 14 weeks during pregnancy. The ultrasound scan can successfully estimate the due date with pregnancy viability. Through continuous checks, you can identify the number of babies in the womb, in cases of twins or triplets.

You should search for the best early pregnancy scan near me to get the desired output. You may have known the professionals for years as it is located nearby. You know their approach, pattern, and technology for better hygiene maintenance.


2. Nuchal translucency scan

This particular ultrasound scan can be done in 12 weeks and is usually carried between 11 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. It refers to a measurement that is useful in providing information to assess any risk to a baby that may be affected by a chromosomal abnormality. Certain checkups and scans are carried out and combined with blood tests to know the actual state of a child. Professionals can tell you that the baby is affected by down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormality. A Nuchal Translucency scan can also estimate the baby's due date and check your baby's physical development.


3. Morphology scan

A morphology scan is an ultrasound done between 18 to 22 weeks. It helps in checking the baby's body organs, structure growth, and gestational age are also estimated based on these measurements or results. The technique is helpful for checking a baby's heart rate and rhythm. A particular scan can be able to reveal that there is a baby boy or girl.

The necessary routine checks may avoid pregnancy complications, and if you are worried about the baby's movement, you can get these scans done at decided intervals. It ensures the safety and care of both baby and mother.


Effects of ultrasound scan and need

Many parents are under doubt that ultrasound can hurt their baby. However, it is a safe and pain-free test conducted at a low frequency through sound waves. It cannot hurt the baby or mother in any way. You should get the scans done on the doctor's recommendation to know your baby's overall health and its growth. However, getting the ultrasound done depends on your decision. You may ask several questions related to the ultrasound scan suggestion to you. It may solve many doubts arising in your mind.


Who performs ultrasound scans?

It is essential to know who will be performing your ultrasound. An obstetrician is a trained specialist certified to carry out such tests. They are experts and can check your baby in the womb. If the doctor doesn't have a trained obstetrician in their clinic, they will refer to some of the best clinics in the area that provide accurate reports and estimates of baby health conditions.



You should inquire about the cost of ultrasound in Melbourne before an appointment. The cost may vary depending on the reputation of the clinics and experts. You should consult with the doctor beforehand and get the scan done at the appropriate time. The doctor may consult you and discuss the abnormalities in the reports or suggest some vitamins.

If you are a new parent, you may not know about the report finding and the steps to follow next. Doctors may be of great help in such challenging times.

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