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The world of online casinos is an industry that has grown dramatically over the last few years. Online casinos differ from state to state and country to country. There are some grey areas around online casinos, which can be easily clarified if you spend a little time on the topic. If the topic of online casinos is new to you, then it might be hard to research the topic as you do not know where to start. 

The idea behind this extensive article is to shed light on why the move from brick-and-mortar casinos came about, the rise of online casinos and contributing factors, how the advancement of technology increased online casino popularity and discover the welcome packages that are offered through BonusFinder and how these work.


This History of Brick-And-Mortar Casinos & Transition into Online Casinos

To understand the future of online casinos, it's important to know where casinos started. You can only understand a route if you know where the initial point came from. The idea of gambling dates back centuries with the apparent very first casino being built in 1638 in Venice, Italy. It was called the Ridotto and the Great Council of Venice controlled it. The development of casinos then increased and areas like Monte Carlo and Las Vegas took center stage with their glamorous brick-and-mortar establishments. 

Focusing on one, for example, Las Vegas, allows you to see just how popular casinos became in the late 80s' and 90s with iconic establishments like The Bellagio Hotel & Casino, The Mirage and Caesars Palace. These casinos have become notorious places that lure in masses of tourists daily. They have also been home to many famous movies, like 'Oceans 11' which was a star-studded cast of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts.

These establishments are still wildly popular and visited often but the rise of online casinos is a development that simply cannot be undenied. Nowadays, many people prefer to stay home and take care of their gaming interests in a manner that suits them best. They enjoy the flexibility and mobility that comes with online gaming, as they can do it from the comfort of their homes. The development of the Internet and technology have also made a huge impact on this. There are many more reasons for the large transition into online casinos, which will be further revealed below.


The Rise of Online Casinos

Players seeking a thrill are now able to do so while they are on the go. A large reason for the rise of online casinos is that users now want to be able to access their favorite games from wherever they are. With the increased use of mobile devices and laptops with the technology of day-long battery life, players are now able to enjoy playing from the comfort of where they are. 

Before, players would need to dress up and transport themselves to the nearest casino. This required time, energy, transport ability and money. The dress codes at casino establishments also resulted in a headache, as players would need to dress a specific way. Not to mention that it was often a busy and game-like arcade area where players needed to play alongside other players, not making for a very private experience. 

With the improvement of technology, players were suddenly able to enjoy the thrill of gaming from the comfort of their homes. Simply logging in to their favorite game and never needing to leave the couch if they didn't want to. This may all sound like materialistic benefits, but going online was more than that. It also allowed individuals who did not have the means to reach a real casino and allowed them to play, either in the form of restrictions such as not having a car or even other physical ones, like being physically unable or being housebound for personal reasons.


How Technology Changed The Game

The improvement in technology has given serious benefits to the world of online casinos.

Advanced software has given online platforms the ability to offer their users the most modern and realistic experience possible. Online games are more user-friendly and inclusive than ever, thanks to technology. Having games that boast realistic graphics, include live dealers and provide a fully virtual experience is something that increases players' game spending as the experience is as close to a real casino as possible. 

Another area of technology that has made a huge impact on the popularity of online games is the diverse payment methods that casinos are now able to accept. There are certain payment methods that they encourage more than others, like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The reason for this is that cryptocurrencies charge lower fees toward the online casino than a more traditional payment method. Naturally, debit and credit cards are also accepted as stripe services are the most custom payment options for online players. 

A technology that is also massive, as it keeps players safe is the 'hardware wallet'. This wallet can be seen as an external area on which players can save their sensitive information. This development has been revolutionary for player safety and is highly popular. The way that this hardware wallet works is that it can save players tokens, coins and cryptocurrency in a safe place that is inaccessible to hackers or anyone with threatening intent. The reason that this wallet is so safe is because it is not stored in any software within a device, for example a computer that a player might be using to access online sites. Instead, it is saved on an external device like an external hard drive or USB. It is especially recommended for players wishing to trade a large amount of coins or funds. A 'software wallet' on the other hand is an application that is connected to a device, like a laptop or a phone. This keeps funds secure but not as secure, as it is still susceptible to hackers as it is connected to a device that can be hacked. 

Blockchain technology is also all the rave for users wishing to partake in online casino gaming. How blockchain technology works is that it saves every transaction made on a public ledger. This is great for players, as if anything happens on the site, for example their connection dies and they cannot see their winnings anymore, they are always able to retrace their steps and see an accurate tally of their plays and transactions. Furthermore, this information is private and can only be accessed by individuals in possession of the right key combination. This made for anonymous play, which is a highly lucrative thing in online gaming.

The rise of mobile phones and smartwatches has also had a huge effect on the popularity of the game. Players are now able to access their online games wherever they are, as mentioned earlier. If they are on the go and not able to access their laptop or computer, they can continue playing and betting as they proceed through their day. This is especially helpful for those interested in sports betting, as games play at different times. So if you are out of the house and you wish to bet on a game that is happening, you can have it play live and make bets while you go about your day. This allows a large amount of flexibility and mobility around online gaming.


Online Casino Welcome Packages

Something that has brought huge popularity in online gaming and something that everyone is interested in playing online, is the welcome packages that online casinos offer. These welcome packages differ from online casino to online casino, so users need to do their research and find the deal that benefits them most.

The most common welcome package is the deal that players receive when signing up with an online casino. This is often in the form of some kind of 'investment match' and 'free spins'. How this often works is that a player will sign up and put down a certain investment to buy coins to play with. The online casino then matches this investment and also offers free spins for certain games. This is a large drawing factor for players, as they are essentially receiving free coins with which to play and uncover the online gaming site, on someone else's dime.

Another big deal that is offered is the loyalty package. This encourages players to use the online site on certain days or during certain times and win big. An example of this is 'if you play on a Tuesday, receive double bonus points on the blackjack game'. Furthermore, some deals encourage certain payment types. As mentioned earlier, online casinos naturally try to avoid paying large transactional fees, which are rather large with players using traditional credit and debit cards. Therefore, online casinos reward players who use payment methods, like cryptocurrencies, as the charges are lower. Players then receive bonus points or free coins as a token of appreciation for using their cryptocurrency. All these kinds of deals are aimed to pike the interest of online gamers.

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