Walmart to Restock PS5 and Xbox Series X

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Today, Walmart's website appears to be running more smoothly. We are, however, experiencing wait times ranging from 18 to 40 minutes for the digital queue, despite the fact that we attempted to purchase a PlayStation 5 as soon as sales began.

We were able to add a PS5 to our cart and proceed to the final stage of the checkout process after a 9-minute wait. However, another ReverbTimeMag staffer attempted to buy an Xbox Series X from Walmart only to be kicked out of the line when stock ran out.

Walmart is restocking the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X for the third time this week. Both consoles will be available for purchase again on Friday, November 5th at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET.

Prospective buyers should expect some frustration and disappointment. Walmart's previous two restocks, on Monday and Tuesday, were plagued by technical difficulties that prevented many customers from even seeing the "add to cart" button. Meanwhile, some scalper-run bots snatched(Opens in a new window) a lot of stock.

The consoles will be available as online-only deals on and the company's app while supplies last. When the time comes, use the links below to place an order:


PlayStation 5 for $499.99

PlayStation 5 disc-less digital edition for $399.99

Xbox Series X for $499.99 


We're hoping that Friday's restock will be better than the previous two. However, don't be surprised if Walmart's website experiences a glitch once the sales event begins. To see the product listing, you may need to refresh the page several times. Visiting via a smartphone's mobile browser can also be beneficial.

To buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X, Walmart's e-commerce system is supposed to place you in a digital queue where you will have to wait to place an order. However, during the previous two restocks, our browser had difficulty getting into the queue. The product listings for the consoles eventually returned an error page, most likely because the retailer ran out of stock within minutes.

If you are unable to obtain a PS5 or Xbox Series X from Walmart, we recommend that you use social media and follow users who are dedicated to tracking console restocks. There are numerous Twitter(Opens in a new window) profiles and YouTube(Opens in a new window) channels that track PS5 and Xbox Series X inventory and can alert you when more product becomes available. However, given all of the online botting for the consoles, a consumer's best bet may be to physically visit their local retailer and hope that the products are available for purchase.

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