Warehouse Control Systems - a Trend or a Must?

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Efficient warehouse management is a key to success. After all, it is crucial to monitor all the processes and control the flow.

All storage facilities have developed procedures to handle their operations efficiently. Many of them opt for warehouse control system. This option is becoming more and more popular. But, is it just a trend, or maybe it really has an edge over the competition? We will discuss that in this article – read on to learn more!


What is a warehouse control system?

While the name warehouse control system is very similar to warehouse management system, these are two different things. The former is a type of software designed to overlook and handle automation in your storing facility. It is used for controlling the flow, processes and routing. The latter is a type of programs used for organizing your warehouse, managing your labor and slotting – the non-automatic and automatic aspects of your facility. 

These two concepts might also be mistaken with warehouse execution system. WES is especially tricky, since it is in between the WMS and WCS – it covers some aspects that the WMS does not do as well as some maintained by the warehouse control system.


Is warehouse control system useful?

This depends on the warehouse you are running. The more automated processes you have, the more you should focus on implementing such a solution. With a warehouse management system, we can track and monitor manual processes in the warehouse.

In some cases, it might be worth to implement both WMS and WCS – if you run a big warehouse which combines automation with manual work, using simply one of these solutions might not be enough. You might also consider using the WES, but bear in mind –it covers tasks done by the warehouse management and control systems, so adding it as the third option is usually pointless.


So, is warehouse control system just a trend, or is it really a must?

Nowadays, everything is driven towards automation. As such, it is crucial to implement solutions that can cope and control all the automatic processes. And warehouse control system is one of them.

It is impossible to imagine fully manual warehouses. This would be inefficient, expensive and more dangerous for the workers. As such, most big fish in the industry switch to automatic solutions. This trend is reflected in the use of the warehouse control systems. But is using them a trend itself? No. It's an answer to the technological drift in the industry. Therefore, it is slowly becoming a must.



Warehouse control systems are used to control all the automated processes in storage facilities. They are useful in all the facilities that strongly exercise the use of new technologies, and drift away from manual labor. And, since this is the course of the whole industry, using warehouse control systems is not a trend – it is following the development of the whole industry.

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