Water Heater Hissing Or Leaking

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A water heater is necessary in every home to guarantee that hot water is always supplied when you need it. Everyone is aware that occasionally, our household appliances may completely break down or may start malfunctioning.  Therefore if your water heater starts to leak or make a hissing noise,  you might be worried that it is faulty and can be hazardous for you and your family.

Although hissing sounds from water heaters are quite common, still they can also be a symptom of a serious issue. You should always call a team of experienced and skilled experts for help immediately in these situations. First try to find if  you can fix the issue by yourself as there are a number of reasons for your water heater to be hissing and can be very common which can be sorted easily.


Causes of a Hissing Sound Coming From Your Water Heater Includes:

1. Condensation coming into contact with a heated surface - This is one of the most frequent causes of a hissing sound originating from a hot water heater. Any time you use a lot of hot water, as after a long shower or when the dishwasher is running, you might hear this sound. Condensation can generate hissing, which is common and may not be a problem, but if condensation-related hissing following water use occurs frequently, it may be time to consider upgrading to a larger water heater.. Condensation forms on the outside of the hot water heater tank when the water level drops and the tank is filled back up with cold water. When it encounters a hot surface, such as the area around the burner, the condensation rolls down the tank.

2. Leakage in the water heater - It's conceivable that your water heater has a tiny leak if you've heard a hissing sound that doesn't seem to correspond with the quantity of water you're consuming. You might have a leak, for instance, if your water heater hisses frequently rather than just after you take a shower. Pooling water beneath your water heater tank is another indicator of a leak, so keep an eye on it. Call your technician if you think there might be a leak.

3. Temperature of the water heater is too high - If condensation and leaks have been checked out, you might want to think about whether the temperature on your water heater is set too high. When the temperature and pressure valve”a safety valve that opens automatically when tank pressure rises”is the source of the hissing sound, this is the most frequent problem. Pressure increases as the water heater's temperature rises. If the temperature on your water heater is 140 degrees or above, think about decreasing it to 120 degrees.

4. Mineral Sedimentation in your water heater - Several different kinds of minerals are present in water, and on rare occasions, these minerals will leave a deposit on the bottom of your water heater tank. In regions with hard water, this problem is frequent. Water bubbles get trapped, boiled, converted into steam, and make a sizzling sound when there is huge mineral sediment accumulated in your water heater.  If you hear rumbling or popping noises in addition to hissing, you might have a sediment buildup problem.


What can be done if a water heater hisses or leaks?

Water heaters can explode, and they do. This is why it's so crucial to keep an eye out for indications that your heater isn't operating properly.  One reason why a water heater hisses is because of excessive pressure brought on by overheating, which is a major factor in water heater explosions. If your heater is leaking or you smell gas, you should take these indications seriously and contact a professional immediately because you could also experience an explosion.

Instead of just trying to stop the hissing, your approach to solving this problem should be centered on figuring out why it is happening in the first place. It could be something minor like moisture, but it could also be something more serious like a leak. The hissing will stop once you take care of that matter either by your own or calling a professional company to assist you with the issue.


Why choose a professional company?

If your water heater is hissing or leaking you should always consult a professional immediately. It is preferable to find the underlying reason and deal with the issue sooner rather than later because the majority of these problems will only get worse if not treated. Instead of allowing the issue to get out of hand and causing substantial damage, doing this will ensure that damage is minimal and assist you in keeping the repair fee low.

It is also important to recognize that problems like leaking, might have been caused as a result of some major hidden problems in the water heater. Professional companies work to put your mind at ease if something doesn't seem right or if you are not completely certain that one of the aforementioned situations is the explanation.

A hissing water heater could be caused by a variety of things. Although some of them can be easily fixed at home, some of them can be more challenging. To prevent further harm, it is always advisable to call a specialist if you are ever doubtful of something.

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Name - Angela Louise

Angela is a marketing manager at EZ Plumbing USA. She has a great interest in educating readers about various leakages that can happen in their home or offices through her articles. With extensive knowledge of water leak and slab leak detection techniques as well as HVAC systems, Angela wants to make readers aware about the warning signs indicating leakage and predictive AC and Heater maintenance and also how to fix them to refrain from dangerous and costly consequences.

Read articles to get more valuable information about detection and damages of water and slab leak repair, techniques to fix clogging, and installation and maintenance of AC & Appliance in San Diego.

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