Water Leak in Your Home - An awful situation for every homeowner

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It is simple to feel overwhelmed when water damage affects your property. Your pipe just burst and your basement is overflowing, or your faucet has been leaking for weeks without your knowledge and you can't possibly understand how you didn't notice. You'll probably be most concerned about these circumstances right away.  As the initial tension wears off, further stress arises from damage control as you rush around your property attempting to lessen the damage already being done to it. It might be challenging to concentrate on what you should be doing when you have a million different ideas racing through your brain. Knowing what sort of situation you are in can help you decide what to do with Water Leak Repair in Orange County.


Major Causes of Water Leak:

Clogs - Water leaks in your house can often be caused by clogs. These can lead to significant issues if neglected. A blocked pipe may fracture or explode if the pressure inside the pipe builds up for a long enough period of time. A minor blockage may be cleared out far more easily and affordably than the damage that could follow from delaying treatment.

Bathtub and toilet leaks - Seals on bathtubs and showers are made to keep water flowing down drains and into sewers. A seal can occasionally be flawed. This may result in tragedy for a household, particularly if the leak goes unnoticed for an extended period of time. Moreover, toilets contain seals that guarantee water drains to the proper location. Bathroom leaks go unnoticed because they frequently occur where the physical evidence can't be seen right away. For months, water may have been seeping into the subflooring, where it has created the ideal conditions for the formation of mold. Stains on the ceiling or wet joists in the space below the toilet or bathtub may be the first indication of a leak.

Hot Water Heater - In typically, water heaters last between 8 and 12 years before they stop giving you warm showers. Sometimes you may be proactive about repairing or replacing a water heater by recognising when it is worn out. But, it's not uncommon to be blissfully ignorant of a problem until you discover that your basement has a little creek.

High Water Pressure - A hot, powerful shower in the morning is something everyone enjoys. Also, it might indicate that your water pressure is too high. How come you should care? The water pipes in your house are not made to endure high water pressure for a long period. A 60-pound per square inch water pressure is considered normal (psi). If your home's pipes experience a pressure of more than 80 psi, it might result in numerous pinhole leaks and a significant water mess. Call a plumber if you don't have the tools to check the water pressure and aren't a handyman.

Growing Tree Roots - When water seeps into a basement, tree roots are frequently the reason. As a result of the pressure these roots might provide, water pipelines may fracture. Do not exclude the possibility that tree root invasion is to blame for your wet basement. Watch out for signs of water damage. Pay strict attention to blockages and address them quickly. Get a yearly inspection done on your water heater. Preventing discomfort and financial difficulty may help homeowners. Avoid leaks in both your finances and the plumbing system.


What to Do if You Discover a Water Leak in Your Home

Switch off the water: Turning off your water supply is the first step to doing to stop the water leak from growing worse. The stop cock or stop valve will quickly turn off the water in your home and is often located in the kitchen or bathroom. The washing machine, dishwasher, taps, and toilets should all have isolation valves on the hose or piping that may be flipped anticlockwise to block off the water supply if the leak is coming from one of these obvious sources.

Locate the origin:  Finding the source of a water leak in the house can be challenging because there are numerous potential sources. In addition to leaking pipes, water may also be entering your house through pressure points like a shower or bath that has been improperly sealed, a leaking roof, or even a leak in a nearby building.

Turn off the heater: Turning off your heating system also makes sense if you are unsure whether the leak is originating from it. By locating the shut-off valve adjacent to your boiler, you may stop the flow of water to your heating system. The system may now be drained by turning on the hot water faucet. Discovering the appropriate circuit breaker can let you turn off the boiler at the mains as well.

Turn off the electricity: Switch off your electricity at the mains by locating the proper circuit breakers if water comes even remotely close to electrical outlets or appliances. As a precaution to prevent further damage and destruction, turn off wall plugs and light fixtures as well. Water can also cause harm to these items. As you wait for a professional, this will also assist in making your house secure.

Drain any extra water: The sooner you take care of any standing water from the leak, the less harm it will do to your home's structure. You might need to employ a pump for extensive flooding, which should be positioned at the floodplain's lowest point. A wet-dry vacuum can be utilised for floodwater that is not as large.

Start the drying process: After a flood, it's very common that mold and mildew will start to grow, therefore it's important to start the drying process as fast as possible to minimise the water damage. Remove any damp furniture or rugs from the vicinity and let appliances and sockets air dry. By opening windows, you may reduce humidity. Inspect your walls as well; any damaged drywall or other materials will need to be taken out and replaced. Hiring a dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the space is the final step for large floods; however, be careful to shut your windows before turning them on.

Defend against potential leaks in the future: When the cleanup is over, you should prioritise protecting your house from further water leaks. Many individuals are choosing to invest in a water security system in addition to routinely inspecting pipes and taking additional measures during cold weather (a significant source of water leaks in the house). By tracking the humidity levels in your house and quickly identifying the cause of leaks, systems like these provide you peace of mind. A water leak monitoring system can remotely turn off the water and inform you of a leak wherever you are, so you can stop leaks in their tracks.


Why choose L&S Turnkey for Water Leak Detection and Repair in Orange County?

You can quickly address the plumbing system's problem and assure appropriate operation by selecting experts for water leak repair in Orange County. The major reasons why hiring licenced plumbers for leak detection and repair services is a preferable decision are listed below.

Access the leak properly - It is challenging to pinpoint the exact location of the leaking pipe since it may occur beneath the ground or behind buildings. The professionals from L&S Turnkey offer leak detection services, they are highly skilled in evaluating leaks. They are able to quickly identify the precise issue causing the leak thanks to the proper tools. When you employ a competent water leak detection and repair service in Orange Country from us, you can avoid making educated guesses or needless repairs.

Avoid Making More Plumbing Repairs- A little leak in the plumbing system may occasionally be an indication of a larger issue. Without expert help, you can miss the root of the problem when attempting to remedy the leak issue. It will eventually necessitate repairs, re-piping, or other pricey plumbing replacement procedures. Early leak detection allows you to prevent costly emergency water leak repair in Orange Country. You can perform a thorough evaluation, take the required actions to remedy it, and prevent expensive damages when you engage a competent leak detection company.

Correct Evaluation And Maintenance- It provides you peace of mind, which is one of the main benefits of working with a professional team for leak detection and repair services. So that you can be confident the plumbing system is in excellent functioning order, they thoroughly evaluate it. You may identify any spots that are vulnerable to harm and remedy them right away with the help of professional leak repair in Orange Country. It enables you to do the necessary system maintenance and prevent any unanticipated plumbing emergencies at home.

Fixing these leaks shouldn't be delayed for too long! Give the professionals at L&S Turnkey a call if you think you could have a leak in your home's water supply. We can assist with everything from water heaters to bathtubs and showers. Our team can meet your demands to a higher and more efficient degree thanks to their expertise in the home service sector.


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Josephine Floyd is a marketing head at L&S Turnkey. He is an experienced marketing leader with over 12 years of experience in the plumbing industry. With extensive knowledge of severe water damage, mold damage, and fire damage, as well as general plumbing services, he writes articles about water and flood damage repair and restoration along with heating installation, maintenance, and repair to make readers aware of the potential risk and quick actions they can take to reduce damage. Keep reading his latest articles to have an understanding of whether your plumbing system is intact or not; if not, what you should do to fix it.

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