Ways to Improve Your Study Habits

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If you're in school, you probably just want to get by and finish all your studies before you're free to do whatever you want with your life. However, the habits that you create in school can have a great effect on the employment that awaits you after.

If you have big dreams after you finish your education, it's necessary to pay more attention to your studies because you'll have just as many (probably more) obligations in your job as you have at school. And the only thing to stay on top of your workload is to create good study habits in school. Here's how you can become a better student and pave the way towards successful and fast employment:


How Your Studying Habits Can Lead to Fast and Successful Employment


Keep the right attitude

No matter if you're preparing for an exam, job interview, promotion interview or any other event, it's crucial to have the right attitude. Your attitude towards the exam will greatly affect the outcome. If you want to absolutely crush it on your exam, it's necessary to be confident and mindful, preparing with positive thoughts and attitudes. If you often get overwhelmed with your thoughts, remember that very few things in life are black or white/ life or death”your exam is definitely not one of these situations. Even negative outcomes provide you with valuable experience so take good care of your mental state and keep a positive attitude.


Preparation is the key

As you know, it's virtually impossible to take an exam without studying and preparing for it in advance. And make that preparation in-depth, too. The best thing to do when studying is to go over your notes and past exams, as well so you can see how your peers tackled the same problems. Essentially, you're learning from others and their mistakes, so you can do your exams flawlessly. There are great resources for studying and exam preparation online. New Zealand has a great archive of past assignments and notes if you're interested in University of Otago resources for studying so you can learn quickly and easily. These notes are sorted out by subjects and reviewed, and you can access them wherever you are and whenever you need them. Your preparation habits for school will help you prepare for a job interview, future work tasks and career advancement opportunities.

Be a team player

In studying, just like in work, it's necessary to be a team player. If you learn how to study with other people, you can learn a bunch of amazing things that will come in handy during your education and job search. Your study group can organize discussions and practice communication and negotiation, you can also make memory games and flashcards for easy learning. Being a team player is very important in every company, as well as useful for your advancement in life.


Find a good spot

When studying, make sure to find a good spot”an environment with minimal distractions and maximum benefits for your focus. Finding the right spot to study will affect the outcomes of your sessions so make sure to understand the importance of this study preparation step. For ages, people have always loved the library (very similar to an office environment where people need to focus surrounded by other people and collaborate while not disturbing others). There are other places where people can get effective study time like quiet campus cafeterias.

If you need to get away from the campus, you can always opt for your local coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. Some spots allow students to spend as much time as they want there as long as they occasionally buy something. Outdoor parks are also great for studying because they provide you with fresh air and invigorating sun (they tend to be full of distractions though). Later at work, you'll know what kind of environment suits you best for optimal work productivity and best results.

Keep a list

If you're a forgetful king or queen, don't worry. Just make a list of all your assignments and your deadlines so you always stay up-to-date with everything. When it's time to get a job, use a list to keep in mind all the application requirements, deadlines and company schedules, as well as questions you want to ask during your interview. List save lives and ensure quick employment!


Take breaks

In theory, practice makes perfect, but overwhelming your brain with repetition and work will not result in any success. Your focus only lasts for 25-30 minutes, and once it takes a nosedive, it's best to pull away from your work and take a break. Taking time to rest and recharge is crucial for your performance, and the earlier you realize that, the better it will be for your education and career. Later when you're looking for a job, you'll know what kind of office environment and culture to go for and how to tackle your job search. Zero mental clutter and maximum clarity will ensure you find a perfect match for a career and company that will allow you to show your best potential.

It's necessary to invest a lot of mental effort, preparation, discipline and planning in both education and employment. Use your school years to create great habits that will help you get a job quickly and effectively and allow you to advance in your career like a boss!


Written by Brigitte Evans
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