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As Wiz Khalifa called it in his 3rd studio album in 2010, titled Black and Yellow [although with a different meaning]. One of the first things you will notice once you wake up in Lagos, aside from the angry noise everywhere, will be the yellow and black buses for commercial transportation. 

Although a state, the city of Lagos, as it is fondly called, has been seen as a land of opportunity. It is regarded as an El Dorado by people who hail from other neighboring states. Something like how New York enjoys appeal and royalty in the United States of America. 

One of the many opportunities that have enjoyed a good buzz, especially in this dispensation of digitization and in the aftermath of COVID-19, would be the emergence of web design and development companies in Lagos, Nigeria. 


This article will show you some of the amazing web design companies in Lagos, Nigeria that you can consider for services or possible referrals. Please see below the top 10 web design companies in Lagos, Nigeria. 


Top 10 Web Design Companies in Lagos, Nigeria


1. Cregital 

This brand is dear to me, not just because I am a fan, but because I have seen them deliver exceptional web designs for private entities and popular business names from the financial sector and entertainment over the years. 

Cregital was founded by Evans Akanno and Rufus Oyemade, and together they have impacted lives positively with their UX and UI gospel, among other things. 


2. Albanny Technologies 

Albanny Technologies offers audience-engaging mobile apps, mesmerizing websites, and digital marketing tactics. They can share their narrative and generate leads that help expand enterprises to their advantage. Albanny Technologies is aware of how crucial it is to get businesses online fast, efficiently, and within budget. 


3. Talosmart 

Amid the noise, Talosmart has been able to separate itself from the business of casual IT solutions. They offer high-quality and user-friendly mobile applications, desktop, and web services to various established corporations, as well as MSMEs [Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises].


4. DPX Digital Network. 

DPX is known for being amongst the best website design & development companies in Nigeria and West Africa. Their web design, development, and marketing services help their clients grow their business's online presence. 


5. Upwise Digital. 

Upwise Digital Agency is one of Nigeria's leading website design and digital marketing companies in Lagos. With a team of digital strategists that integrate excellent web designs, result-focused digital marketing, and strategic branding to help businesses drive growth, they help clients' businesses grow through their work and team. 


6. Prowess Solution. 

As web design gradually progressed into a better meaning, Prowess solutions has ensured they extend their ability as analytical technocrats with the ability to cater to all IT solutions, especially in website development, UI/UX designing, and data analytics. If you have ever seen their proposal or considered them for a job, they are bound to deliver. 


7. 63 Web Studio. 

Just as the name implies, every website is carefully designed to the client's specifications with a promise of revenue for modern business people. 

63 Web Studio is known to offer quality and affordable website maintenance plans to ensure business growth and value for money. They leverage business developers, project managers, web designers, and developers for quintessential delivery. 


8. Tech O'clock. 

This is a digital marketing company that ensures good use of digital platforms to harness market penetration. To democratize the cost of running successful digital marketing campaigns for small & mid-scale businesses in Nigeria, Tech O'Clock carved a niche for itself and became a master in SEM [Search Engine Marketing] and SEO [Search Engine Optimization] aside from web design and development. 


9. TMA Brand Consulting. 

From logo design, web design with e-commerce, or just some tips on how to be the greatest brand possible, TMA helps in utilizing distinctive themes delivered through digital media to engage organizations' core audiences and provide value. 


10. Megatrics. 

Megatrics is another digital marketing firm established to assist companies in quickly becoming known to their target audience through the use of cutting-edge tools, software, amazing web designs, and web development. 

In conclusion, there is more to Lagos than the Amala and Gbegiri soup. A bunch of creative IT solutions companies is taking the forefront, and I hope you found this worthwhile. 

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