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ArenaMon is a probability-based game. There is currently no gameplay in the tournament because it is automated. It's the same as watching your favourite sports team play and anticipating the outcome. Their monsters come in 15 different varieties (flame, hydro, insect, nature, venom, earth, aerial, etc.). Each kind has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

A Gabimon Flame, for example, has a 60% victory percentage versus a natural Gabimon (40 per cent). 10,000 monsters compete in an exciting online event called ArenaMon for prizes in the form of ETH. Our NFT investors receive a 50% return on their OpenSea investment. They hold a thrilling competition every month where even the weakest Gabimon has a chance to triumph! Prepare yourself for some excitement and fantastic rewards! For investors with limited time, this product has been created.

AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3. They designed their automated game for time-constrained investors. You do not have to pay for even a single second. You are eligible for free monthly tournaments for life if you have a GabiMon. You have a chance to win the grand prize every month thanks to this!

The Legendaries, Shinies, and several other unique variations have been assembled in a special collection. A Legendary or Shiny GabiMon will boost your odds of victory in combat by 10%. However, if it's contaminated or confusing, your odds are 1 percent lower! Although Legendaries and Shinies have a greater chance of winning the tournament, they are also difficult to get due to their rarity. If you are fortunate enough to have one, keep it or sell it for a great price!

ArenaMon may be an automated tournament, but that doesn't mean you can't impact your odds of victory. ArenaMon is an investing game in which you must make wise judgments. You must exercise caution and keep track of the results of your fights. The more you resell your NFT, the closer you are to winning the tournament. Reselling your NFT at the floor price if you are one fight away from winning the tournament would be a bad error.

As ArenaMon's owners, they receive 10% royalties on any trade that occurs inside their collection. If James decides to sell his NFT to John for 2 ETH, we will receive 10% of that amount, or 0.2 ETH. They are donating half of their 0.2 ETH to the community (0.1 ETH). Certain NFT collections make millions in royalties every month. They will make every effort to organize some profitable competitions.

The more NFTs you hold, the more likely you are to win the jackpot.
1. If your GabiMon advances in the tournament, it has a better chance of reselling at a high price.
2. Every month, the tournament is reset. This implies that you will have a new chance to win royalties every month for the rest of your life.
3.This is why individuals enjoy holding and accumulating many NFTs.

Everyone wants to make money when it comes to NFT. This is their objective, and it is your goal as well. Most NFT attempts fail to achieve this; either the project was weak or the inventors disappeared after the mint. ArenaMon has taken several months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop. and will go to whatever lengths to ensure Arenamon's success. They are willing to put 20% of their revenues back into their marketing budget right away. The primary goal is to gradually improve the value of the GabiMon collection.

Gabriel and Maxime, the founders, are 35 years old and from Belgium. They met when they were four years old and immediately became close friends as well as business partners. Gabriel began his profession when he was 13 years old. His interest in gaming began when he created his first website, about Pokémon, in 2000.

Maxime and Gabriel have developed numerous powerful online enterprises over the past 22 years. They used to own and sell advertising to major businesses (Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Intel, and Nintendo) on the two most popular fan websites in the French-speaking market, Puissance Pokémon and Nintendo Master. In 2011, they founded Media-Clic, France's third largest CPM advertising network (100 million banners daily). They later sold it. They currently control a significant e-commerce network, which allows them to construct and advertise ArenaMon with their own money.
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