What are Green Tech Startups?

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Green-tech start-ups are newly erected companies, with the major aim of using technology to create products and services that will help the environment we find ourselves in, for the greater good of the future. They solve environmental problems using innovative technology. These kinds of companies are also called environmental technology, or green tech.

They combine environmental science, chemistry, environmental monitoring, and electronic device to come up with new technologies with different means of protecting nature from future damages like global warming. Their primary goal is to reduce the negative impact of man's daily activities on nature, and see how the future can be better. 

An example of such companies is Carbominer. Carbominer is a Ukrainian-based environmental start-ups that is bent on taking and eliminating carbon from the air. They use innovative technology that can capture carbon from the air, hence reducing it to at least 35% supply cost. They have two major goals: to remove carbon and to produce food. 

Carbon dioxide makes the atmosphere dangerous. It destroys it and makes breathing harmful for both humans and plants. It leads to global warming. So, Carbominer tries to solve this problem, and that makes it a good example of green tech start-ups.

What are Environmental Startups?
Also known as green start-ups, environmental start-ups are unique businesses and organizations that come to the scene with the sole aim of saving the future of the environment. For example, how the felling of trees has become rampant in recent times due to the erection of wooden buildings is quite alarming, and in such a case, it is the business of environmental start-ups to come up with easy means of preserving these trees and rendering a solution to the wooden building than the felling of trees.

Another example is the protection of endangered species
An example of such companies is Krill Designs. Krill Design tries to improve wastage of the food chain and transforms natural resources into eco-designed products, through a process called the circular economy. An example would be a lamp that is made out of orange peels. Is that not interesting? It sounds unbelievable, but imagine the innovative things Krill could pull off with this one idea. By transmogrifying organic waste into new useful bio-materials, Krill Designs could come up with products that match your business needs and desires. 

Note: there is a slight difference between Green Tech Start-ups and Environmental Start-ups. They both have the same goal (to save mother nature), but then the difference lies in the means through the salvation is acquired. While Green Tech Start-ups use technology to save mother earth, Environmental Start-ups often use conventional means to solve environmental problems. 

What Is an Example of Green Business?
A very good example of a green business (company) would be Tesla. Tesla is a company owned by the richest man in the world (as at the time of writing this article), Elon Musk. He reinvented the manufacturing of electric cars, and that is what the company is about. 

With what we've talked about in this article, you would agree with me that an electric car (which uses solar as its source of energy) is a good example of a green business. This is because electric cars are sustainable. They help to save the environment from destructive emissions, thereby not hampering the future of the environment.

Apple as well has been named one of the most environment-friendly technology. Apple is a tech company that is into manufacturing telecommunication devices and accessories. It has been considered one of the best green companies for three consecutive years. According to Greenpeace, the company is one of the few (Google and Facebook included) who is winning the race towards a green internet.

What Is a Green Industry Business?
A Green industry business is any business that tries to cut down carbon emissions and also make the most out of very few raw materials (as well as energy and water) to make products. Businesses like this look for innovative ways to harness materials in renewable and eco-friendly ways. All these only go to show that this type of business aims to minimize the negative impact of industrial activities on the environment.
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