What are the uses of PS4 Console Other Than Gaming?

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What comes to our mind when we talk about exploration and refreshment? Adventure is something that we are curious about and want to indulge in often, isn’t it? Among many other things, digital virtual games are the ones, which have a huge impact and influence on the youth. Not only the youth but the various age groups of mankind are influenced by these games. When talking about the PS4 Pro and many such games, which have become a huge part of our lives in many ways, nowadays, like any other commodity, these can buy PS4 online, which is such a cool option for gaming enthusiasts.

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Yes, so here we will be talking about the game which has vast users worldwide, PS4, of course. The PS4 enables gamers to play tons of la fonda sue honeycutt games. It has a huge fan base because of the excellent library of games it offers. So, knowing how to pair ps4 controller to a computer will come in handy. You will appreciate the notion if you are a die-hard PC player or a PS4 fan. Talking about the games it offers to indulge in are God of War, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Red Dead Redemption Two, etc. These are the most played games using the PS4 Pro prevalent in the masses. What if I tell you, it has many uses besides just playing games on it? Yes, this is one such fact that is always ignored. The uses of the PS4 console are widespread and can be used for many purposes other than games, such as:


The most sort-after feature that PS3 used to provide was the ability to stream and playback videos and music over a home network, the same feature was expected from the latest model PS4 Pro as well, and media play was one such feature added in June which supported the ability to stream videos and content which was more feasible and well versed than a PS3 was capable of. Getting a gaming device and using it for streaming online media is another plus. You do not have to invest in another tablet or notebook to watch Hulu, Netflix, and many more. You can also buy PS4 online at an affordable price.


The PS4 version of the Plex application is like a cherry on the cake, as it is capable of streaming content-rich media more in-depth, which proved to be a different experience altogether for a user. This media server not only handles the conversion of file types a machine is not able to play naturally but also helps in sorting the media into categories. It is so cool to have a Plex model with your PS4.


For PS4 Pro, Sony discarded its music system and partnered with Spotify. So here comes an advantage to the gamer to try millions of tracks from the application and play it in the background of the games of their choice. Now, you can easily have access to songs and play them on your gaming device. Interesting right?


The PS4 Pro has an application- TV from the Sky- in which the broadcaster benefits from access to its Sky Go service. If one subscribes to channels like sports and movies, the sports and movie channels can chargomez1 be availed through the app. What’s more thrilling than watching your favorite football match on your gaming device? You can now buy PS4 online without the hassle of stepping out.


A free-of-cost picture cloud service run by Sony that can store and organize pictures, which are uploaded automatically by an Android or an IOS device. The PS4 can then access the entire library and view them on a big screen. In the end, the PS4 console is nothing but a machine. The primary use of PS4 Pro will indubitably be used to play games. However, it is much more than a machine used to play games and is capable of doing many impeccable things. Thanks to the new updates and features it provides, it acts as a multipurpose machine in our drawing rooms. This is the reason it is considered to be our next home entertainment machine, more than just a console. Installing and buying a PS4 is as easy as fixing any gaming device. You can try out your hands on PS4 Pro as you can buy PS4 online from all the sites as it costs around 40,000/- is a must-buy. At Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can find the best models of electronics and gaming devices that you can get for your home at an affordable price range. You can also make use of the no-cost EMI and zero-down payment offers. The EMI network card also offers you many additional benefits that you would like. Head to the nearest store or make your purchase online today!

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