What Can You Expect from Your First Spa Experience?

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Perhaps you have never considered yourself to be much of a spa person until recently, or maybe someone has given you a trip to a spa as a gift, but you aren't sure what it will be like. For some, visiting the spa is a frequent occurrence either as part of their personal wellbeing or to share quality time with friends. If you have never had the opportunity to do this for yourself, you might be wondering what all the excitement is about. Going to the spa can be both an indulgent treat and part of a wellness routine at the same time. For anyone who has yet to make use of the wide variety of treatments a spa has to offer, here is an overview of what you can expect.


All Spas Are Different

The first important point to note is that there are different types of spas that offer different treatments and procedures. Some have their own specialist salons designed for a unique purpose, such as laser hair removal or nail care. Some spas will have a large range of services while others concentrate on providing high quality in one or two specific areas. Depending on the spa's location, it may be designed as a luxury retreat or as part of a hotel for guests to enjoy during their stay. Larger spas often have swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs for visitors to enjoy between treatments. However, smaller spas don't hold back on the luxury elements either since they understand that clients want to feel pampered and taken care of. This means that almost any spa you go to will have a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere with friendly staff who want to make your experience a memorable and refreshing one. It is best to research a spa before you visit so that you know a bit more about what they have to offer and what previous customers have said about them.


What Are You Hoping For?

It might be difficult for you to identify and research a possible spa choice if you have never been to one before. Apart from taking recommendations from friends and family, you could think about what your mind and your body need most. For example, has your skin been troubling you lately? Are you interested in trying out a particular cosmetic procedure? Do you just need some time to unwind in a pleasing environment? By starting with what you already might want, it will be easier to find a spa that can offer the right treatments for your needs.


Should You Bring Someone with You?

There is nothing wrong with booking an indulgent spa day just for yourself. Enjoying your own company in tranquil surroundings can be a great way to return to everyday life feeling fresh and ready for anything. Inviting friends along can be just as rewarding, however, especially if they have already been to a few spas and know what to look for. It can help you grow closer together as the relaxation of the body helps to open you up to stronger connections. Some spas offer couples' treatments, such as romantic massage sessions for two. Bring along a friend who has also never been to a spa before and share the new experience together.


You Can Choose Your Focal Points

As mentioned above, spas can offer differently sized ranges of treatments to their clients. If you want to get the full spa experience, you might want to choose a spa that has a few specialist options available. For example, dermani MEDSPA offers a wide selection of specials that concentrate on improving clients' skin, such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and tightening treatments. Many spas might focus on a few key treatments and techniques due to the specifically trained professionals who work there; however, they usually also offer simpler treatments alongside these so that guests receive a rounded and refreshing experience. Here are a few examples of the most common areas that a spa will focus on and how to decide if they are what you're looking for in your spa experience.

1. Skincare
Treatments that focus on skincare will be performed by professionally trained specialists who understand the various techniques and chemical processes that keep skin looking healthy. This can include helping with wrinkles and hyperpigmentation as well as acne treatments and botox. The skin of the rest of your body also deserves care and there are plenty of treatments to help you feel soft and smooth from head to toe. If you have skin concerns, research spas in your area that might offer specialist advice and treatments for your issue. For example, receiving a facial for dry skin when you have oily skin can lead to bigger problems. Spa staff can help you identify what will suit you best.

2. Cosmetic Enhancements
Some spas have the equipment and trained staff to perform routine cosmetic procedures such as botox and facial filler. While nowhere near as invasive as surgery, these treatments are only given by professionals and so you will not find them at every spa. Make sure to read reviews from a spa's previous visitors to find out whether or not you should have your cosmetic procedure performed there.

3. Hair Care
Some spas have hair salons as part of their treatment menu. You can bring your specific hair queries to the experts, who can then advise you on how to look after your hair in the future. You can also have different kinds of waxing services or hair removal, such as eyebrow threading, bikini waxes, and laser hair removal. The prices for each will depend on the size of the area you intend to remove hair from and by which method.

4. Dental Enhancements
For cosmetic dental work, you can either visit a regular dentist or a special dental spa. These establishments focus more on the appearance of your smile rather than the health of your teeth, so if you have a concern about tooth or gum pain, you should contact your main dentist first. Of course, some regular dental practices also run a dental spa service.

5. Nail Care
Many spas offer simple nail care treatments such as polish, shaping, and acrylics. They can also sometimes treat your hands and feet to gentle skincare that leaves you feeling silky smooth. For a more luxurious option, look for a spa that can provide hand and foot massages as part of the nail care treatment.


How Long Do You Want Your Spa Experience to Last?

For some people, visiting the spa is something they do quickly to tick off one of the many errands on their list of things that keep them feeling good. For others, a few hours at a remote spa retreat is enough to boost the mood. If, however, you want to make the most of every option available at the spa, consider booking a stay at a spa hotel. These places are designed to be ideal for taking breaks from reality and taking steps to feel better both inside and out. Even just a single night in a spa hotel can give you enough time to enjoy everything the spa has to offer so that you return home feeling good as new.


How Frequently Should You Return to the Spa?

The frequency with which you should go back to the spa depends on the treatments you have chosen in the past and whether or not your spa specialist recommends one or more sessions to complete the procedure. For certain procedures, your specialist may ask you to come back for a check-up to make sure that you are happy with the results. These types of procedures might include botox, filler, and other treatments where the results can change as time passes from the initial spa visit. You may also want to return so that you can receive premium skincare or haircare on a regular basis. Your specialist will be able to suggest how often each treatment should be repeated and how long to wait between sessions. Going for the same treatment too frequently can undo the positive effects it has had on your health, for example, by drying out your skin from too many chemicals.

As you can see, there is more to the spa experience than first meets the eye. Many people fail to notice the fact that a spa has much more to offer than just massages or facials. Spas can be a central part of a person's wellbeing when the appropriate treatments and procedures are selected for their needs. You may feel nervous about strangers touching your body, but the professionalism and skill will soon prove your worries to be unfounded. You can also choose treatments that are less tactile if you prefer little contact. There is a spa for any kind of personality and body. For your first-ever spa experience, research the treatments you want and which spa offers them, and enjoy the opportunity to take time out of your busy life just for your own pleasure.

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