What Causes Poor Blood Circulation?

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What causes poor blood circulation happens due to blockage in veins, arteries, and deficient nutrients cells in the blood. It might lead to severe health conditions or can be life-threatening.

Blood clots, narrowed blood vessels, and plaque build-up are the leading causes of poor blood circulation. Insufficient blood circulation can lead to numbness in several body parts as it's difficult for arteries to maintain blood flow accordingly. Multiple ways can cure poor circulation, such as light therapy, a healthy diet plan, exercise, and many more. However, it's best to forbid yourself from smoking and other unhealthy habits.

Therefore, this article has mentioned the cause of poor blood circulation and ways to cure it. Keep reading to know more.


What Causes Poor Blood Circulation?

Multiple causes can occur in poor blood circulation, but it might worsen if not taken precautions accordingly. You must consult a doctor; dizziness, weakness, and numbness can prevent you from following your routine.

Here are some causes you must avoid to have better blood flow. Following these instructions will gradually improve your condition, and you can perform ritual chores.

Avoid Smoking

Cigarettes contain chemicals that can damage blood vessels and lead to thinning veins in your body. It can cause swelling in the blood vessels and inflammation due to the building of plaque walls in arteries.

This leads to narrowing the blood vessels and other cardiovascular health issues. Also, smoking is the leading cause of putting in a higher risk of atherosclerosis disease.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure damages the inner lines of artery cells as blood pushes in force against the blood vessels. This happens due to the buildup and entering of fat from an unhealthy diet. Arteries walls become less elastin causing poor blood flow throughout the body. It's challenging for blood to travel throughout weaken arteries eventually.

Pulmonary Embolism

When a blood clot develops in your leg, it breaks out, travels through blood flow, and gets stuck in your lungs. This can damage the lung's tissues and drop blood oxygen levels, harming to other organs. This condition can worsen and leads to life-threatened issues.


A buildup of glucose in your blood can damage blood vessels to function efficiently. The overdose of sugar and desserts is the primary reason for diabetes problems. As diabetes can affect highly on the circulatory system and lead to fat deposits forming inside the blood vessels causing narrowing them and poor blood circulation.


Obesity can lead to multiple health conditions. You experience obesity due to an unhealthy diet, processed or refined foods. The heart rates increase and cause trouble for blood flow traveling throughout the body because weight gain leads to high blood pressure and rising pressure on arteries walls.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

The blood cloth produced due to trauma, injury, or after surgery underneath your skin can lead to improper blood circulation. Mainly it develops in the legs and prevents blood from flowing efficiently to the body.

This can lead to severe health conditions, so it's better to consult a doctor if you notice any dark sport, swelling, or numbness in any part of your body. However, the blood clot is painful, and it might take days to cure the blood clot through medication.

Peripheral artery disease

This common health condition narrows the blood vessels of the legs and arms, leading to poor blood circulation. In this condition, primarily, portions don't receive the required blood flow to function properly. Also, numbness, pin sensation, and pain while walking are the causes of plaque inside of arteries lining.

Varicose veins

The sudden rising blood flow can harm the veins and enlarge the valves. The blood flow travels the wrong way in varicose veins due to valve failure. The damaged veins can't function properly and move blood efficiently, which leads to poor blood circulation.


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Ways to Cure Poor Blood Circulation

Improving blood circulation is vital as it can lead to a healthy life. But you must acknowledge that poor blood circulation is related to damaged arteries, so it is best to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Also, to come to a conclusion doctor might ask some questions and run some tests, such as

- Physical exam

- Tests

- Medical history

Light therapy

Light therapy can aid in increasing blood circulation as it boosts blood cells and oxygen in arteries by preventing toxins buildup. This therapy contains low wavelength and heat to affect the body by promoting rejuvenation at a cellular level. This therapy aids in forming new blood vessels and tissues by improving collagen production.

Also, this is non-invasive and reduces inflammation, assisting in healing nutrients in traveling affected areas. However, light therapy can work swiftly if maintained with a healthy diet, a good sleep routine, and a workout. You must use this therapy for approximately ten minutes daily to improve blood circulation.

Routine Workout

Exercising can improve blood flow and boost the immune system, but intense workouts can lead to severe arteries problems. Poor blood circulation happens due to damaged arteries, which can worsen the condition.

So it's better to stick to blood-pumping exercises such as squats, walking, swimming, and some yoga moves. This can boost the oxygen levels in your body, increasing nutrients, blood cells, and healing arteries.

Healthy Diet

You must eat fruits and vegetables, but to balance a healthy diet, you may eat meat properly. Avoiding salt, red meat, cheese, and chicken is compulsory to focus on a healthy lifestyle as it can lead to obesity and weaken arteries. This will aid in maintaining weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol check, clearing blood vessels without toxins.

Compression Gloves or Socks

Compression is the best way to stimulate blood flow fluently in your body. If you experience numbness in your legs, you must wear compression stockings or gloves for numbness in your hands.

This trick can squeeze your skin, improving blood flow and traveling to your heart accordingly. But, you must consult your health provider for a better notion of the pressure required depending on your condition.

Brush your body

Brushing can stimulate the blood flow not just for your scalp but for your body too. You must take a body brush that contains flat, stroke, and stiff bristles to massage your body effortlessly. The correct method is to embark from the legs, at higher risk of clot development and poor circulation.

Slowly and gently work your way up and use long motions on your legs and arm. Moreover, moving in circles is the best way to circulate blood in your belly and lower back area. You must do this daily before taking a shower as a shower can raise blood flow, and this method can widen the blood vessels effortlessly.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to understand the causes of poor blood circulation as it leads to multiple conclusions. That's why it is better to contact a doctor if you experience numbness or dizziness daily. Indeed, naturally improving blood circulation is better, so you must eat healthy food, use light therapy, and exercise regularly. 

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