What Is An Eco-Solvent Printer - Facts You Need To Know

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Saving the resource and the planet as a whole is one of the biggest challenges in today’s world. This challenge becomes even more complex with the increase in non-biodegradable waste, especially in the case of printing needs. With the advancement of technology, there is now a solution to this problem -Eco-solvent printers. This printer uses eco-solvent ink to produce high-quality images. Considered one of the popular alternatives among businesses, Eco-solvent printers help reduce the negative impact on the environment. Keep reading to learn more about eco-solvent printers.


1. The benefits of eco solvent printer

One of the biggest advantages of an eco printer is that it uses solvents that are less harmful to the environment. Apart from this, it can also print high-quality images on various surfaces. The waste generated through the process of eco-solvent printing is comparatively less. Therefore, you don't need to worry about hazardous waste disposal. Also, the rate of evaporation of the solvents is quick, which reduces waste generation even more.

The non-eco-solvent printers release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air. These compounds are harmful to the workers as well as the environment. Therefore, eco-solvent printers are a healthier option than traditional ones as they do not release harmful components. The cost of the eco-solvent printers is also reasonable. 

Apart from this, they require less ink for printing and dry at a faster rate. Thus, eco-solvent printers save you a lot of time and money. You can also use them for outdoor applications as the prints produced can stay for a longer period without getting faded. The ink used in eco-solvent printing is made from renewable sources, unlike the traditional solvent printer where the ink is made from non-renewable sources such as petroleum. Businesses can also reduce their carbon footprint as eco-solvent printers use less energy to function. 

Even though eco-solvent printers are new in the market, they are gaining great popularity gradually. Factors like quality, sustainability, and safety make them one of the widely chosen options.


2. How to choose the right eco-solvent printer?

There are several factors that you should keep in mind before buying an eco-solvent printer. These are:

- You need to highly consider the material on which you will be printing. The printers can be used for printing on paper, vinyl, fabric, etc. Knowing this will help you select an appropriate printer. 

- The printer must compatible with the type of media you choose.

- Based on your business needs, you should select a printer that can print quickly. Apart from this, the capacity of the printer must also be considered. 

- Check the cost of the printers. Even though the printers might seem expensive, they will prove to be more cost-effective as they provide durability. This durability is a great speciality of an eco-solvent ink printer.

There is no ‘one size fits all approach’ when selecting the right ‘eco-solvent printers’. Therefore, the three main factors you should consider are:

- The materials on which printing is done; 

- your needs and requirements; and

- the budget. 


3. What types of materials can eco-solvent printer print on?

Eco-solvent printers can print on various surfaces, such as vinyl, banner materials, window firm, etc. They not just provide durable prints but also offer excellent adhesion. Another important advantage of these printers is that they are UV resistant. Therefore, they can withstand sunlight and other harsh weather conditions irrespective of the surface they are printed on. The variety of paper materials that they can print on is also huge, ranging from synthetic papers to pressure-sensitive films. The production and density involved in the printing process are such that even smudging and scratching won't damage it.


4. Do eco-solvent printers produce waterproof printing?

The water-based solvents comprise more water than the eco-solvent printers. The composition of the water-based solvents consists of pigments that are added to the water. However, in the case of eco-solvent-based printers, the base is made from various solvents. Therefore, to know if the eco-solvent printing is waterproof, we first need to know their composition. However, the bottom line is that they are more waterproof than water-based alternatives. The properties of water-based eco-solvent are also different from the eco-solvent. Therefore, ensure that you know all these properties and characteristics beforehand.

These printers are also available in several sizes. Therefore, know your needs and requirements first to see if a printer suits your requirements. An example of this is a small eco-solvent printer for personal use. These printers are an eco-friendly alternative, making them one of the ideal choices. Thus, these printers are increasing in popularity. However, when buying an eco-solvent printer, do thorough research that will help you understand its compatibility. You can also search the internet for “printers for sale” to get several discounts and offers.

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