What are Energy Giving Foods?

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I know right, who cares about what type of food is more nourishing than the other, what meal contains a high Nutritional value, or which is considered energy giving food, compared to what I see available? Man, I just wanna eat! I feel hungry, and there’s a need to satisfy this craving with what I imagine in my thoughts, or what I could see with my eyes. Call it the lust of the eyes if you want to, but I just want to eat! Lol

While a number of us fall into this category, being intentional about our choice of meal is of greater good to us; so much more that you will be surprised by the ripple effect, and how an intentional good meal does us good than being a cure to a hunger pang.

Having given a direction to this article, you may further inquire how best to pick our meals, what meals are more nutritious, or what meals are energy giving? These and more would I highlight for your curious minds at the end of this read.


What is energy-giving food?

Energy-giving food is a meal that provides us energy to work and play. Some energy-giving foods are grains like wheat, rice, and foods like other carbohydrates that decompose into sugar.


Which foods provide better nutrition?

You may want to consider enrolling in educational programs such as food safety training to improve your understanding of the most suitable foods to consume. Moreover, food safety training equips you with skills to maintain the quality of your food and prevent contamination. With the help of these educational programs, you can ensure that you always make the right choices when it comes to your food.


What are examples of energy-giving food?

You may consider, aren’t all meals providing energy? Since meals are like fuel to the body without which we may not function optimally? Well, yes! Perhaps you are right; but you also need to know that while the brain requires an adequate supply of oxygen for stable mental coordination, this does not address that the choice of your food is energy giving. Take for instance proteins. To help us have a better understanding of this, below are some examples of energy-giving meals. They are:

1.      Banana.

2.      Nuts. [Cashew, Groundnuts, Almond, Hazel, etc.]

3.      Yogurt.

4.      Beans.

5.      Chocolate.

6.      Brown rice.

7.      Yam.

8.      Potato.

9.      Oatmeal.

10.   Spaghetti.


What is a nutritious meal?

A nutritious meal comprises different classes of food in adequate proportion, which supplies necessary nourishment to the body as a whole. Nutritious meals are not fattening, but a safe measure of the right dose of natural supplements required for the body to be optimal. They must contain a good level of vitamins from natural fruits, they must have water, carbohydrates, a little bit of fat from dairy products, protein, and some essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and the likes for a good feel of a nutritious meal intended as a whole.


How best to pick a meal?

An easy answer to this question is that: every good and nutritious meal must have a fine balance of bright and colorful. Just like picking fruits, if it is taunted on the look, it may be taunted in its nutritional value as well. Picking a meal starts from understanding what is ideal, which meal is high in this Nutritional value, which is less, which class of food is this, how many calories it contains, how fattening is this, and how is my metabolic rate to these meals at this time. Questions! Questions! But be true to yourself in all you do.


What meals are more nutritious?

Just as some meals are considered the best energy-giving, others are more nutritious than others. Some good examples of these meals that are more nutritious are Potatoes, Garlic, Salmon, Egg Yolks, Blueberries, and Shellfish, among others.

In conclusion, seeking to cure a hunger pang is generic, however, seeking to eat a nutritious meal is intentional. Therefore, please pay attention to what you eat!

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