What is my PayPal ID?

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How to locate your PayPal account number?

Unlike the rest, PayPal does not assign you a unique number, such as a bank account number or a WebMoney wallet number. It employs email address identification for linking.

When you open a PayPal account, you must provide an email address. Your PayPal ID is this email address. It will be used for a variety of functions, including account confirmation, mailings, and access restoration.

As a result, the account number takes the place of the PayPal email address with which you registered the account. As a result, if you need to share or find someone's PayPal account number, simply enter an email address.


Your PayPal Wallet's Security

Because an email address is basically public information, its security should be taken more seriously. Register your email address exclusively on trusted and reliable platforms, such as Google's Gmail. Create a complex password and use all accessible identification methods, including mobile phone numbers, trusted addresses, and security questions. Email and wallet passwords should be kept separate.

All payments in the system are made via a secure connection, and all payment card numbers are kept private. Do not give anyone your card number, which is linked to the wallet. The obligation to supply any information other than your mailing address is the first symptom of a fraudster: your payment card number, CVC / CVV code, expiration date, and other information. You do not need to specify this information as a seller when receiving funds to your account.

First and foremost, PayPal is essential if you want to sell on eBay, where payment for products is made straight from your personal PayPal account. How can you get started on eBay? We update our blog on a regular basis with new information about expanding your business into the Western market.

Conclusions: PayPal is constructed in such a way that you simply need to provide the email address to which your account was linked, which is also your PayPal account number, to make currency transactions. Keep any other payment details private, such as a PayPal-linked payment card number, security code, and so on.

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