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If you're a successful professional, executive, or leader and you've been searching in vain for a proven strategy to accelerate your career fulfillment, impact and earnings then Reverse Recruiting is your answer to understanding the recruiting industry at a deep level and using that knowledge to your advantage.

Essentially, a Reverse Recruiter works for you to implement successful job search strategies, while a traditional recruiter works for the company to place the best candidate.

A Reverse Recruiter, also known as a Job Search Specialist, assists job seekers throughout the recruitment process. They perform job search-related activities from the opposite end of the spectrum, which means that instead of recruiting for organizations, they search for employment and firms on behalf of job seekers. This can be a helpful service for those who are struggling to find a job on their own, as Reverse Recruiters have access to resources and networks that the average job seeker may not. In addition, Reverse Recruiters can provide guidance and support throughout the entire job search process, from crafting a strong resume to preparing for interviews.

They analyze and compile the top trending keywords in job descriptions and give career advice on how to best position yourself for these roles.

With the help of Reverse Recruiters, you can effortlessly apply for jobs and discover interviews that are tailored to your strengths. These forward-thinking job placement professionals will make sure that you find success with every application process - making job hunting a breeze!

A Reverse Recruiter is someone who assists a job seeker in creating resume documents, performing job searches, analyzing job descriptions, networking, applying to jobs, and finding interviews.


The process is to use all three markets involved in job prospecting

1) Building social capital with key decision makers (80%)

2) Promoting you to recruiters (10%)

3) Searching job boards (10%)


There's a reason that 63% of hiring managers say that talent shortage is their biggest Problem. Our strategy must concentrate on securing multiple interviews because it's a much more successful approach working to secure 10 interviews rather than getting one interview and pinning all your hopes on it.

We've got some nifty tricks, especially concerning job boards and recruiters that we use with our clients. The key to remember is that most people do this backward. They spend all their time on the advertised jobs, but what you can see is not actually representative of what's out there.

Applying online, you could spend six months of wasted effort. This is why reverse recruiting can put you front and center with the best recruiters and find the best roles on job boards. Imagine your job search was as simple as sitting back and waiting for interviews and value-adding conversations with key decision-makers fall into your inbox. The combination of career consulting plus job search technology can save you hundreds of hours of work and get you much, much better results.

First off, you can help recruiters find you by having an outstanding LinkedIn profile. The more you post and engage, the more you will be favored by the algorithm and be seen higher up in their search results. This is the primary way recruiters search. Reverse Recruiters use automated technology systems, to connect with countless recruiters. The trick is to find the ones that are hiring for a role just like the one you want to get. The only way to do that effectively is to connect with them all.

The first step is to filter your dream organization by size, type and location. This will give enough information to start with. Next, a Reverse Recruiter will implement a list of 100 key decision-makers. The people you select should be at a minimum the level you want to obtain, but ideally higher. If you're seeking a Marketing Director role, your list will include prospects like CMO, CEO, Head of Marketing, etc.

The main component of Reverse Recruiting then involves systematically building relationships with those people through an outreach campaign. You need tried and tested methods to find and verify work emails. This process works so well precisely because many of these people only get into their positions because they understand the power of human relationships. If you present your outreach in the right way, they will be open to communication. Conversations turn into interviews. Following up on your outreach increases your chances at least twofold. The final step is to get those online conversations into a phone call, an interview, or a referral.

In conclusion

If you're searching for the perfect job, a Reverse Recruiter can be your biggest asset. By understanding every detail of what it takes to land that dream role, they use cutting-edge strategies and tools to make job hunting an effortless process. They put themselves in your shoes so you don't have to - because when it comes to getting hired at the ideal company... no one should do all the heavy lifting alone!

Key Takeaways

Yes, you can hire someone to find you a job. They are called Job Placement Specialists, or Reverse Recruiters!

- Traditional recruiters work with companies to fill open positions. Reverse Recruiters work for job seekers to find suitable jobs.

- iCareerSolutions Reverse Recruitment Services can fulfill all of your job search needs, from finding great jobs to getting through human resources screening, to interview preparation.

- You can save 200+ hours of job searching and focus on more important things or simply relax. You can also rest easy knowing that you are in expert hands. You may even make more money!



Arno Markus BA, MSc. | 16x Award-Winning CPRW (Certified Professional Résumé Writer) 

Arno Markus BA, MSc., CPRW, CEO, and Founder of iCareerSolutions is a Multi-Award-Winning Certified Professional Resume Writer,  a powerful LinkedIn Profile Writer, and Personal Brand & Job Search Strategist with global experience. Arno has done recruitment consulting in Helsinki, Amsterdam, and Toronto. He also worked in Nuclear Power for the Federal Government prior to switching to empowering professionals to achieve ambitious career goals full-time.  Arno is an expert at dissecting job descriptions and marketing his clients to ensure they get where they want to be in their Career.

He began his winning streak in 2017 receiving the National ROAR Award “ Experience Writer Modern Design from the National Resume Writers' Association. Since then he has consistently ranked among the top writers in the North America. In 2018 he received many honorable mentions, including Best Technology Resume and Best Executive Resume. Then in 2020, he received two TORI Awards from Career Directors International, bringing the total recognitions he has received to 16 industry Awards and Honorable Mentions. Last year he received Best IT Resume by the Career Professionals Association, served as an Awards Judge, and was nominated for the Board of Directors for the National
Resume Writing Association.

For more information on Arno, you can check out his LinkedIn profile, at https://www.linkedin.com/in/arno-markus/ or his website at https://icareersolutions.com/

Arno Markus BA, MSc., CPRW (Certified Professional Résumé Writer), and Founder of iCareerSolutions. Consistently ranked among the Top Résumé & LinkedIn Profile Writers in North America. 16X Résumé Writing Awards including 2020 Best IT Résumé and Nominated for 2020 Best Executive Résumé.

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