What Is the Best Time of Day to Use THC-O Gummies?

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There are so many cannabinoid trends that it is hard to keep up sometimes! THC-O is one of the latest, with consumers enjoying the extremely potent effects of this compound. THC-O acetate, as it is known, is a non-natural cannabinoid. Therefore, it isn’t derived from the Cannabis sativa L. plant in the same way as cannabinoids such as delta-9-THC, CBD, and CBN.

THC-O gummies are among the most popular products on the market right now. Their exceptional potency is one of the main reasons why. THC-O is believed to be triple the strength of delta-9 THC, synonymous with marijuana. Consequently, using THC-O gummies is NOT a good idea if you have a low THC tolerance or are new to intoxicating cannabinoids.

Consumers often ask, “what is the best time of day to use THC-O gummies?” This article provides the answer, highlighting the likely effects of the compound.


How Will I Feel After Using THC-O Gummies?

First and foremost, THC-O’s effects are strong! If you find the high provided by delta-9-THC to be fairly potent, it is perhaps a good idea to steer clear of THC-O gummies altogether!

Here is a list of the possible effects of THC-O:

- More talkative

- Euphoric, happy, and relaxed

- Colors look brighter than usual

- Heightened sensitivity to touch

- A feeling of complete contentment

Indeed, the potency of THC-O gummies means some users have reported effects similar to what one might experience after using a hallucinogenic substance.

Please note that THC-O could cause adverse effects, such as an increase in anxiety and paranoid thoughts. It may also make it difficult for you to focus, with some users experiencing confusion, racing thoughts, and a rapid heartbeat.

The above outlines what COULD happen when you use this compound, but its effects will vary from one user to the next. Ultimately, though, the overriding sensation is that of relaxation, meaning it could prove useful if you need help getting to sleep.


THC-O Gummies for Sleep

THC-O could help you feel relaxed to the extent that sleep becomes more easily attainable. To understand how the compound could help you achieve better sleep, it is important to look into the neurotransmitters responsible for the body’s sleep and wake cycles. They are called GABA and Glutamate.

Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter. Levels of it are high when we’re awake but also during the REM phase of sleep.

GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that slows down incoming nerve impulses; the result is better sleep. However, if there is an excessive amount of GABA in the brain, it can produce effects that result in sleep issues. Ultimately, we need balanced levels of GABA and Glutamate in the brain if we want to enjoy restful sleep.

THC-O could encourage the production of GABA and promote relaxation. The result is reduced feelings of stress, muscle tension, and anxiety that may otherwise block the path to sleep.


When Should I Use THC-O Gummies?

If your goal is to use THC-O gummies to help you sleep, it is important to avoid using them during the day. THC-O is a prodrug, meaning it doesn’t become active until after the liver metabolizes it. Therefore, it takes longer for its effects to kick in than delta-9-THC.

For instance, if you use a delta-9 tincture, you may feel the effects within 15 minutes. With a THC-O tincture, you’re looking at 30+ minutes. When it comes to THC-O gummies, you must wait longer again. Indeed, some users suggest that it takes 1-2 hours to feel the effects.

Therefore, you should take THC-O gummies at least one hour before bedtime. It is essential to remain patient and avoid taking a second dose. Remember, this is a highly potent compound, and you may have an unpleasant experience if you consume too much of it.


Final Thoughts on When to Consume THC-Gummies

The likely relaxing effects of THC-O mean it is best to use the compound in the evening when you’ve finished your daily tasks. A growing number of users find that THC-O gummies help them sleep. However, since the effects take so long to kick in, it is wise to use them 60+ minutes before going to bed.

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