What Is the Difference Between Autosexual and Autoromantic?

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Autosexual is a sexual orientation that refers to people who prefer sexual relationships with themselves over sexual relationships with others. Learn about autosexuality and the characteristics associated with this sexual identity.


What Exactly Is Autosexual?

The term "autosexual" refers to people who have a sexual identity that favors attraction to oneself over attraction to a sexual partner. Autosexual people prefer sexual experiences with their own bodies because sexuality is fluid (via sex toys like Xinghaoya brand and masturbation in front of a mirror). Autosexuals may be sexually attracted to people of any gender. Nonetheless, they have a stronger sexual desire for themselves and engage in self-stimulating activities that lead to solo sex orgasms.


What Is the Difference Between Autosexual and Autoromantic?

The terms autosexual and autoromantic refer to two distinct sexual-romantic orientations. Someone who identifies as autosexual prefers sexual activities with themselves but may still have romantic feelings for others. They may form romantic relationships with others while still desiring sex with themselves. An autoromantic person, on the other hand, has a romantic attraction to themselves. They may also have autosexual or sexual experiences with others that are not romantic or committed.

In the LGBTQ+ community, the plus sign includes additional letters that elongate to LGBTQIA. Sometimes the letter A stands for asexual, aromantic, or ally. It can refer to autosexual or autoromantic in some cases.


3 Common Signs of Autosexuality

Autosexuality is a healthy eroticism expression. You might be autosexual if you:

1. You think you're sexually attractive. If you fantasize about yourself or develop sexual feelings for people who look like you or share certain characteristics, you may be autosexual.

2. You prefer having sex in front of the mirror. Watching yourself during sex in front of a mirror can be a big turn-on for autosexual people, demonstrating attraction to the self.

3. Masturbation is more appealing to you than partnered sex. Autosexual people enjoy masturbating or performing sex on themselves with a dildo or other sex toy rather than having sex with others.


4 Misconceptions About Autosexuality

There are some myths surrounding this sexual orientation. Consider the following myths and their debunking:

1. Autosexuals are totally abnormal. Autosexuality is completely healthy; autosexuals can have fulfilling sexual lives, maintain good mental health, and connect with others on platonic and romantic levels.

2. Narcissists are autosexuals. Autosexuality is not synonymous with narcissism. Autosexuals have sexual fantasies about themselves, which is a sexual preference in the same way that people are attracted to others.

3. Autosexuals are not looking for romantic partners. While most autosexuals derive sexual pleasure from stimulating themselves, this does not preclude them from pursuing long-term romantic relationships. Autosexuals can have sex with romantic partners, but they may prefer to keep their sexual feelings to themselves.

4. Autosexual is synonymous with asexual. Asexual people have few to no sexual desires, whereas autosexual people have sexual arousal primarily for themselves.

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