What Is The Impact Of Planetary Positions On Kundali Predictions

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Everyone knows that there are 9 planets in astrology. But do you know their importance and effect in Kundli? Which of the planets is most powerful or has the biggest influence on a person's horoscope? Their effects on an individual's life can vary as per their position in Kundli. Therefore, a malicious planet doesn't need to provide bad effects; some placements can offer beneficial effects. Now, let us explore planets and their impacts on Kundli.

Role of all planets in the Kundli

Usually, the Sun, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and Ketu are considered negative (malefic) planets, while the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury are considered benefic. However, every planet has natural characteristics and behaviors of its own. Therefore, the positions of these planets in each of your horoscope's 12 houses will determine the outcomes.

Every planet has unique characteristics, however, when they align with another planet, such characteristics may become less noticeable due to the influence of the other planets. Eclipses can be caused when Rahu and Ketu, shadowy planets that don't exist physically, align with the strongest planets, such as the Sun and Moon. Then, its relationship with a malefic planet might destroy any planet's positive outcomes. The information is based on Vedic Astrology, but the readings, and outcomes can differ as per individual kundli. Additionally, for clarity, talk to an astrologer for free via online platforms. Now let us examine the planet's importance one by one.


The sun is the individual's soul and the Atma (soul) of every planet. He is a powerful, fatherly figure with great strength, self-respect, and authority, among other great qualities. Sun will show how a person reflects himself or herself onto the outside world. If a person with a weak Sun is egotistical and overconfident, it is because a powerful Sun symbolizes authority and energy. When it involves your job and profession, you might require a powerful Sun, but not when it relates to your connections.


Mars is a sign of bravery, passion, strength, confidence, and boldness. However, you only need some of this in some aspects of life. While having a powerful Mars can benefit your work and profession, it can also negatively impact your marriage.


The moon symbolizes the mind, the mother of everything, and the giver of emotions, love, and mental peace. A person benefits from a powerful Moon at every stage of life, while a weak Moon can bring problems such as depression or even mental instability.


Venus is a symbol of beauty, passion, love, and relationships—whether they be with partners or business associates. Many might not be aware, but having a positive Venus is important for your career. It is up to you to determine when you need Venus's support.


Mercury is the sign of speech, intelligence, strength, awareness, and reasoning.

Throughout life, Mercury is important, but in the schooling years, its significance increases.


Jupiter is the planet of knowledge. It may not be as important in a person's early years or childhood, but it assists an individual more when they get to the educational and career stages.


Name and fame come from Rahu, while shame comes from a corrupted Rahu. Rahu, among many other symbolic meanings, is the planet of worldly desires and manipulation. Rahu's strong influence on a person's early years can lead to an excessive use of mobile phones, which is bad. Rahu is a strange and mysterious planet, when it is unfavorable, it can lead to overconfidence, arrogance, and an "I don't care" mentality. Those who experience break all boundaries, which leads them to their lowest points in life. Therefore, it is up to you how you use it. If you maintain calmness, Rahu will perform excellently; if you brag or go too far, Rahu will cause damage. Therefore, you control the outcomes of Rahu. Contact an astrologer to know which gemstone ring to wear to nullify Rahu


Ketu shows both detachment and spirituality. Once more, this is a dark planet with no actual body. Ketu is beneficial for the spiritual aspect and harmful to material desires. For this reason, when an individual is most in need of romance and love, a negative influence from Ketu can cause them to turn away from common and worldly desires.


Saturn is the planet of karma that governs a person's life path based on their karma. If you go out, show too much determination, or carry out bad actions, Saturn might punish you. Saturn is a cop and a teacher at the same time. It is on you, what you want Saturn to be.


As per astrology, planets hold a significant position in an individual’s life. Furthermore, their impacts can vary according to their positions in Kundli. So it is important to consult an astrologer and ask for solutions if you are getting harmful effects from a particular planet.

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