When is Someone Considered a Negligent Driver in a Car Accident?

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Car accidents usually cause harm to people, and can sometimes even lead to fatalities. The thing about car accidents is that they are preventable. Millions of car crashes happen in the US every year, so it’s not wrong to feel that driving can be unsafe.

Most auto accidents happen because of negligence. If people uphold the duty of care they owe to each other, there will be zero accidents. However, no one is perfect.

Negligent driving, where the driver of the automobile acts either carelessly or thoughtlessly, is a huge reason why so many accidents occur today. With drivers having to deal with more distractions than ever before, it is a major problem. Car accident lawyers can help victims of such accidents recover from their losses and punish the at-fault party for their negligence.

Drivers being negligent on the road is one of the most common reasons why so many accidents happen in the United States. Any kind of driving that is considered unsafe can also be categorized as negligent driving. Here are a few ways drivers engage in negligent driving.


Failing to Follow Traffic Rules

This is often something that’s easy to prove when it comes to traffic-related incidents. There’s a reason why traffic rules have been put in place, and they aren’t merely for suggestions. This includes the common traffic mistake of speeding as well as instances where a motorist is driving too slowly.

If a driver ran a stop sign or red light and that deed caused a car accident, you can be sure this may be deemed negligent driving. Any time a driver defies the rules and regulations of the road, they’re behaving in a negligent manner and will most likely lose any case brought before them if a car accident occurs.


Not Being Vigilant

Even if you stop watching the road for just a second, it can be deemed negligent driving in auto accident cases. You need to pay close attention to what’s ahead of you at all times as a driver. You can’t take a break because you want to change the radio station or read an incoming text on your phone.

Another thing that can also be considered negligent is when a driver takes their hands off their steering wheel. Even if you just wanted to adjust your seatbelt or something small like that, if an accident occurs because you were doing this, then you can be considered a negligent driver. However, the person bringing forth the claim needs to have some kind of evidence that shows the motorist was distracted when the accident happened.


Failing to Use Safety Features


The underuse or misuse of the safety protocols of a vehicle in emergency scenarios can make a driver negligent. A driver needs to ensure that all the features in their vehicle are working properly, because if that’s what caused the incident, then they’ll be held liable for the accident. If your vehicle’s high beams are unnecessarily on, then you could end up blinding another road user which could result in an accident.

Another example of a driver not using their vehicle's safety protocols properly is when they don’t use their blinker when making turns. Also, if you don’t switch on your hazard lights when something has happened to the car or if you’re driving without brake lights and you cause an accident, both issues can make you a negligent driver.


Final Thoughts

If you have been hurt due to the negligence of a car driver, you can file a case and secure compensation for your losses. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you deal with insurance adjusters and get you the compensation you deserve.

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