When To Choose Hybrid Platforms For Your App Development

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With increasing trends of use of Mobile applications in Business-2-Business enterprises, there is high growth in Mobile app development. Every Business is adopting Mobile first strategy in achieving their business goals.

But what is the right platform for your Mobile App development totally depends upon different factors. It includes your Business budget, timeline, target audience, and your business goals.


Native Application, Mobile web Applications and hybrid Applications - What are those Application?

Among Native, Mobile and Hybrid Application, What is the right solution for your business?


Native Applications:

Native Apps are those Apps that are built for specific platforms.  Native Apps are designed for specific Operating system. When creating native mobile apps, you will need to create separate applications for iOS and Android and upload each one to the different app stores.

For example, Face book has separate application for Android and iOS.


Mobile Web Applications:

These are the types of applications that run efficiently on Mobile devices as well apart from websites. These are the websites that are mobile optimized. Mobile Web applications refer to applications for mobile devices that require only a Web browser to be installed on the device. They typically use HTML and Ajax (and, increasingly, HTML5 components), although they may make use of augmented rich Internet application (RIA) technologies, such as Flash, JavaFX and Silverlight, but are not written specifically for the device.  App boxer is an App Development Company based in London. It provides the mobile and web applications across London and other cities in United Kingdom.


Hybrid Application:

With hybrid development, you may write your application just once and then publish it to many operating systems like iOS, Android, or Windows. For developers working on numerous projects tailored to each platform, this saves time.


Why Choose Hybrid Platforms for your App development

These applications are platform-independent and take less time to design since hybrid platforms employ a single code base to run on different operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows OS. It also offers offline features such as local storage capabilities because of SQlite database.

Hybrid Applications have all the features of native applications.  HTLM5, CSS3 and Javascript are used while written programs in Hybrid app development. After that the App is compiled into either a Native iOS, Android or other platforms depending upon requirements. All this can be done by using a wrapper technology knows as Cordova or PhoneGap.

One codebase may be used to build mobile apps for both the Android and iOS platforms thanks to hybrid app development. While with native apps, designers must create separate code for the Android and iOS platforms, lengthening the development process and raising the price of native apps.

Instagram, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, ebay Motors, Nerdwallet are all Hybrid Application. A hybrid mobile app may be the ideal option for your development needs, depending on your objectives. Especially if affordability and timeliness are your top priorities. Using a single cross-platform framework to create the app has many advantages, including the ability to be released to the market more quickly and at a lower cost per development hour than two native apps.

Hybrid apps have also received a lot of support from the industry-leading tech behemoths. Google, for instance, developed Flutter as their primary cross-platform language, and Facebook built React Native. Many additional apps soon started using these languages as well. Native app languages will be used less as these key players begin to place less and less focus on using solely these languages to construct a hybrid app. Because a few numbers of large corporations dominate the tech sector, everyone will adopt their chosen coding language, and lately, the emphasis has been on hybrid app coding languages.


When to Choose Hybrid App Development?


Target Audience:

When you are targeting a huge audience base, including web and Mobile users, you can opt for Hybrid App development. If you are targeting multiple mobile platforms, hybrid mobile applications are a good choice.


Cost effective solution

A hybrid application deployment may be a more cost-effective alternative to a native application. The decision is very appropriate in circumstances where you are low on resources, you need user approval and input, and you want to implement a go-to-market strategy quickly.


These are the benefits of Hybrid app development:


Faster and Cost-effective Development

Hybrid app development will continue to be less expensive than native app development as long as it takes fewer hours, as it already does. Reusable code makes the development of apps quick and easy, which improves the effectiveness of the development lifecycle.


Easy integration with other Apps

Hybrid applications take advantage of effective integration since they seamlessly interact with the operating environment of mobile devices and with other apps in the store without even the slightest amount of friction.


Boosted UI/UX Design

Apps that run across platforms are ideal for mobile while embracing the web. You can be sure that your app will provide a better UI experience if you choose a hybrid strategy. It makes downloading pictures and content simple and rapid.


Compatibility between Cross Platforms

These programmes are made to operate simultaneously across many platforms. Consequently, they don't have the same constraints as programmes created especially for a certain platform. They are therefore perfect for companies that wish to reach all of their potential clients



In conclusion, being an entrepreneur in today's world is difficult. To implement their immediate strategies, many startups and even large corporations favour quick and more practical mobile app development options. Native mobile app development is frequently out favored by hybrid mobile app development. Given its quick turnaround times, cheap cost, scalability, quick time to market, ease of use, and other benefits, hybrid app development is clearly the better option.

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