Where Is Mount Manaslu located?

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Mound Manaslu Is the highest mountain in the world. Just a few hundred metres smaller than Everest, this is among the most interesting mountain peaks in the world. And if you are a travel enthusiast or a mountain lover, then this is the most visited mountain in Nepal. Like all the tall mountain ranges of the world, mount Manaslu is located in the Himalayan range. The Himalayas range lies in the South Asian region, mostly in a small part of India and a large part of Nepal.

Mount Manaslu is located in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Also bordering the Manang district, this mountain is about 60 km away from the popular Annapurna Himalayan Range. About 200 km away from Kathmandu, on the west-north, this is an interesting mountain peak of the world. Protected within the Manaslu Conservation area, the summit of Mount Manaslu is 8,163 metres (26,781 ft) above sea level. 

The range of Manaslu is needed as the Mansiri Himal. The name Manaslu indicates “mountain of the spirit” in Sanskrit. Manasa in Sanskrit means soul or Spirit. Locals believe that this bounces and holds great spiritual power, and those should be respected by everyone. There is a whole big civilisation that has been around the mount Manasulu, and locals believe that the mountain spirit will always save them. 


How to get to Manaslu?

Manaslu is formed from the long ridges and valley glaciers that spread over a large area. This means Manaslu can be reached from all directions with the steep peak right in the centre. To see Mount Manaslu, you will first need to drive to a point called Soti Khola/ Maccha Khola. Then, you walk for the next 6 to 7 days to reach Manaslu Base camp. Normal adventure seekers are only allowed to go up to the Manaslu base camp. If you want to go any further, you will need a climbing permit and climbing expert to assist you.

On the way to Mount Manaslu, you will spend a week in different villages such as Jagat, Namrung, Deng, Shyala Village, and Samagoun. These 177 km of Manaslu Circuit trekking routes around Manasulu were previously used by salt traders who imported day-to-day goods from Tibet to Nepal. Although the trekking route starts from Gorkha along the Buddha Gandaki River, it eventually ends in Dharapani, joining the traditional or Annapurna circuit trek. En route, ten peaks over 6,500 metres (21,325 ft) are visible, including a few over 7,000 metres (22,966 ft). The highest point reached along the trek route is Larkya La, 5,106 metres (16,752 ft). 


Who claimed Mount Manaslu?

The initial ascent to the Manaslu summit was made by Shio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu on May 9, 1956. Since the initial climbing was made in Japan, this mountain is still considered a Japanese mountain. It is said that even the great climbers Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary also failed to climb this majestic mountain. After the first ascent, many Japanese and British climbers successfully completed the climb to Manaslu. Up to 2020, around 400 tourists have already climbed Mount Manaslu, with around 10% of the fatality rate. Due to the high fatality rate, it is considered a deadly mountain. 

Although Manaslu climbing has been popular for a long time, trekking around Manaslu was permitted only in the year 1991. After that, a great number of trekkers have really recommended the traditional Manaslu circuit trekking route. A two-day trek to Manaslu is a great adventure activity for travellers who are coming to Nepal. Soon, it shall emerge as a perfect replacement for the Everest base camp trek during the busy season. 

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