Which Printing Type Is Best For Business Brand Creation?

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Every year 305 million businesses are startups out of which only 25% of them make up to 15 years or more. But what do these companies do to stay in the competition for more than a decade while their fellow businesses have failed?

There are a lot of factors that are responsible for running a successful business. The right execution of many things such as marketing, strategy, management, sales, etc the reason behind its success.

In this blog, we are going to talk about an important aspect of a business which is Brand Creation or in simple words Branding.

At the beginning of our blog, we will talk about the basics of business brand creation as well as discuss its importance.

After that, we will head towards the role of printed packaging in business after all that we will talk about the different printing types and see which one is the best.


What is Business Brand creation?

Business Brand Creation is the process of marketing your products and services in a way that will create a connection between your customer and brand. Building Brand Image, Brand story and other things comes under Business Brand creation.

For Example- making custom packaging, and custom printed tape for a brand to build brand awareness and image building among people.


Why Is Brand Creation Important?

Brand creation is the first step towards building a successful business. We have talked about it in the above section, and now we will talk about its importance, and why is brand creation important.

In the following list, we have a list of reasons that show why is it important.


Loyal customer

The loyal customer plays an essential role in running a business as despite making up just 30% of the customer population they constitute up to 70% of the total wallet share of a company's revenue.

This is the reason why all the brands try their hardest to make loyal customers and retain them as well.


High value


What makes Starbucks different from any normal coffee from any cafe?

It is not price, taste or quality that creates such a huge difference. A single thing that makes them different from each other is Branding.

Due to branding a simple coffee is perceived as a status symbol.


What Is The Role Of Printed Packaging In Business?

After understanding the importance of Brand Creation. We will talk about the role of printed packaging in a business. But what is printed packaging? Any kind of packaging that has designs or text printed on it by any kind of technique is called Printed packaging.


But how does printed packaging plays a crucial task in Brand Creation?

In this section, we have a list of things that includes the role of printed packaging in the business. Below, we have a list of all those things.


Better customer experience

In this modern-day business world, it is important to leverage all the things that will build a connection between a customer and a brand. A brand needs to retain their customer and make them feel special and valued.

This is where good printed packaging saves the day. Good and high quality and witty packaging is loved by all of us. Small things such as thank you cards.

Notes showing appreciation to the customer go a long way down. All these things make customer's experiences memorable and will help in getting better customer service.



Customization is the future trend of packaging. These days when competition is the highest it has ever been it is getting harder and harder to catch the attention of our target customer.

What can we do to catch their undivided attention towards our brand? The key to do is to get customized packaging. You can customize the packages according to your target audience and tell them how important they are.

When a person gets something that is true for them and talks to them on a personal level not only it, makes them feel valued but also it makes them seen. In this mass-produced market, they will get the impression that they are getting personalised treatment reserved for them only.


Which Printing Method Is The Best?

It is important to know which printing method is best suited for your needs and business. After we have read the other things important things about printing packaging.

We understand that the process of writing, the result and the cost of everything is going to matter. So it is better to get informed as well as know about the different types of printing methods.

In the following list, we are going to talk about different printing methods:


Flexography printing

Flexography printing is a modified version of old-age printing machines that were used to make impressions. This technique is modified and improved to match the needs of a modern printing press.


Benefits of flexography printing

1. Higher production means less cost as the cost of making a design or a flex is covered in printing volumes.

2. Perfect for printing labels and flexible printing.

3. Cost-efficient when it comes to printing commercial printing as it is high in volume.


Offset printing

 Offset printing uses a sheet of aluminium on which laser impressions are made which is called a press plate. This plate is also called offset which is why we call it offset printing technique.

Benefits of using offset printing

1. If you want to print large-sized print media and high volume this one is for you.

2. This printing has a better printing quality than flexo printing.

3. You can get a variety of finishes like glossy, matte, semi-glossy, Etc.


Screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most versatile printing techniques when it comes to different printing surfaces. Screen printing is done through a frame that has a mesh screen and a stencil screen on which paint is poured and a tool named a squeegee that is used to press the paint down the screen.


Benefits of screen printing

1. Screen printing can be used on various surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, fibreglass, glass, paper, fabric and many more.

2. Screen printing is the best option for customizable products, as it allows high-quality colour options to be customized.

3. This screen printing technique is best used for all kinds of fabrics and it is widely popular for T-shirts.

4. It sides with the higher end of the cost of production.


To Wrap It Up

This is where we discuss the conclusion of this blog which is about the best printing type for business brand creation. In the beginning, we started with the basics of brand creation where we learnt what branding is as well as its importance.

Then we discussed the role of printed packaging in today's business market then we headed to see the different printing techniques where we learn about what they are and their benefits.

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