Love Shopping Online? Why a Pair of Computer Glasses Could Provide a More Comfortable eCommerce Experience

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If you enjoy some regular online shopping but are finding that using your screen or device is hard on your eyes, or you’re struggling to see the text or images clearly, then it’s likely time to start thinking about your eyewear options.  

Whether or not you already wear corrective glasses, looking into getting a new pair of computer glasses to use while using your screen could make for a much more comfortable eCommerce experience. And you may be surprised at some of the other benefits they offer, too. Read on for everything you need to know.


What are Computer Glasses?

Computer specs typically incorporate specially coated lenses to help the wearer focus more comfortably while using a screen - whether when online shopping or working. Signs that a pair could benefit you include suffering from itchy or burning eyes, tired eyes, or headaches, and it’s important to consult with your ophthalmologist if you’re experiencing any of these things. It’s also important to check that you’re sitting at the right distance from your screen; about an arm’s length away is just right. 

Both non-prescription and prescription glasses specifically for computer work are available. The perfect pair of computer glasses for you will depend on your overall vision and how you typically use your screen - in this case, for online shopping.


Choosing a Lens Tint and Coating

If you enjoy online shopping and notice that your eyes are feeling tired, scratchy, or itchy after using the screen, a blue-light-blocking lens tint could help. Electronic devices emit blue light, which can cause eye fatigue and even disturbed sleep - the blue light disrupts our brain’s natural sleep patterns, meaning using our devices could have us struggling to drift off at night. It’s one of the reasons that it’s recommended not to use a screen in the few hours leading up to bedtime, to help ensure better slumber. 

Look for computer glasses with lenses that have blue-light-blocking capabilities. Dark yellow and amber-tinted lenses tend to be the most effective at filtering out this type of light, although you may wish to choose clear blue-light-blocking lenses, which will still typically filter out 10 to 20% of blue light. 

The glare from a screen can also cause visual problems and discomfort. To this end, opting for computer glasses that incorporate an anti-glare coating to wear while online shopping will likely make for a much more comfortable experience.


What’s the Difference Between Computer Glasses and Reading Glasses?

If you’re considering perhaps simply choosing a pair of reading glasses to help you see the screen more comfortably, then it’s important to understand the difference between reading glasses and computer glasses. 

A pair of computer glasses will typically have a higher strength than a standard pair of reading glasses because when reading, you’ll typically be holding the book comparatively much closer to your face. This is why, when visiting your ophthalmologist, it’s so important to tell them what you’ll be using your glasses for in order to get the right lens strength for your needs.


The Benefits of Computer Glasses

Wearing computer glasses when enjoying online shopping or other digital activities comes with a host of benefits. As well as blocking out blue light and reducing glare, it also promotes better posture, as you’ll be less likely to sit hunched over the screen to see it better. Plus, this can alleviate or prevent computer vision syndrome.  

Alongside general eye discomfort and intermittent blurred vision (particularly when refocusing from near to far distance, or vice versa), computer vision syndrome can cause other symptoms, including sensitivity to bright lights, a headache located behind the eyes, and a feeling of difficulty in keeping the eyes open. Other symptoms may include aches and pain in the neck, shoulder, and back - again, as a result of poor posture. It’s thought that around 50% of adults in the US suffer from some form of computer vision syndrome.


Online Shopping Glasses: The Takeaway

However you use a device, whether as part of your regular workday activities or to undertake regular online shopping, a pair of computer glasses could be the perfect solution if you’re experiencing eye fatigue or strain - or are simply finding it difficult to see the on-screen information. 

Speak with your ophthalmologist, who will be able to examine your eyes and determine the type of glasses and prescription (if any) that you need. A specific pair of computer glasses can both make online shopping a more comfortable experience and also alleviate problems caused by bad posture and computer vision syndrome.

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