Why Architects And Engineers Embrace Modern Metal Building Systems?

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Why is Superman called – Man of Steel? Simple, because steel is one of the most robust and most durable materials on planet earth. Steel buildings have started becoming more popular in a few years. As the government & public both have put their hands together for sustainable products, steel is the future of buildings.

Architects' love for steel is not new. The Dear Jimgumae Building in Tokyo, Japan, by architect Yoshihiro Amano, represents the natural movement of fabric; The Thames Barrier in London is meant to prevent flooding and has been given the reflective look of a diving fish; And the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, designed by London based Farshid Moussavi Architecture has a mirror finishing that reflects the city [source: Architectural Digest]

Metal buildings outshine when it comes to being cost effective without compromising strength and resilience. If you want an office for business or home, a church building to offer prayers, or a parking carport or garage, metal is there for you.

Top 7 Reasons Why Architects And Engineers Like Modern Metal Buildings


Metal structures are highly affordable. Depending on the local rates, it can cost you 10 to 25 US dollars. Compared to wooden frames, metals are sturdy & will last long. So you get more bang for your buck.

Architects and Engineers alike know that housing costs are steadily increasing and are unlikely to come down. After all, a real state is a non-deprecating asset. That's why everyone likes to invest in a building or housing structure. Wouldn't it be great if you could get something for a lower price?

Strength Of Steel

Steel is highly robust and can withstand any pressure. The strength to weight ratio of steel is high as well. Metal structures have high tensile strength. Durability is one of the unique selling points of steel buildings.

Engineers like to work with steel as it has high load bearing ability. You can make it as tall & wide as you want without adding extra support columns.

Low Maintenance

Architects like metal structures because they can play with their creative ability with steel. No matter how complicated your external façade is, it can be cut & designed with the least waste and more precision.

They can see their creation coming to life. As upkeep requirements are low in the case of steel buildings, engineers can construct large size structures with intriguing designs. They don't have to worry about compromised structural integrity.

Flexibility Of Design

Architects and engineers prefer steel buildings as they have ample design options. They have complete freedom to custom design according to their client's wishes. It is also easy to work with metals as they can make a large open interior that offers the best use of the available square footage.

Not to mention, safety features for metal buildings are pretty solid. They are –

• Rust resistant

• Fire resistant

• Pest resistant

• Moisture resistant

• Easy To Install

It takes between a few hours for simple metal structures and a few weeks for complicated ones to be installed on the construction site. This gives ample room for the engineering team to rest. They can finish working on one project quickly and move on to the next one.

The more the number of projects, the more revenue there will be their revenue. Metal structures are pre-cut & pre-drilled, so installing them is simple. They are made to perfection.

Energy Saving

Metal buildings come with an option to save heat loss from roof and side walls by insulating them. Reflective roof paints can redirect sunlight & aid in regulating indoor temperature. This makes the HAVC system work less and saves money on energy bills.

Moreover, you can get tax credits for 3,200 US dollars from the government if your building saves a specific amount on energy consumption. Architects know that people like to keep their energy bills as low as possible; hence, they prefer steel buildings.

You can take another step and install solar panels on your metal roofs. Metal, being sturdy, can withstand the weight of panels as well. Engineers know this very well. So, they advise people to get a metal carport or steel garage as a project on their property.


Metal structures are green buildings. You can claim extra points for sustainability & eco-friendliness. You can recycle steel a thousand times without compromising on its strength. That is why it is the Engineer's favorite to work with.

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure to go green & make life around climate friendly structures. Both Architects and engineers know that people prefer designs that need low maintenance charges and that can survive for decades. So, metal is one of the best answers to both problems.

As All The Above Points Have Demonstrated

Metal buildings are compatible with large scale glazing, such as full length glass walls. They will make up a great exterior look. It is ideal for automobile or retail stores and for large living rooms. An ample amount of natural light can enter the structure. This will reduce the use of extra light bulbs during the daytime.

Most organizations like local shops, churches, and schools prefer steel buildings for their positive impact on the environment and their pocket. You can, too, get a metal building for yourself. Try visiting a local metal dealer. You can even search online for various certified steel dealers for your first metal structural investment.

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