Why Are Polish Players Compelled to Play in Illegal Casinos?

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People worldwide access gambling websites to entertain themselves or to earn some additional money. Using an online casino in almost every country is possible if it is legal or you have VPN. In some countries like Poland, online gambling is prohibited, but gamblers cannot be prosecuted for making bets on foreign wagering platforms. It means that Polish players have to use illegal â€œonline kasyno”, as it would be in Polish, to access their favorite casino games. But why are many foreign websites considered to be illegal in Poland? Let`s figure it out.


What Is Legal Gambling in Poland?

The bigger part of gambling websites regarded as legal in Poland is sports betting providers, which are known for their fixed odds. It implies that Polish users are allowed to legally wager on sports events with no restrictions. This kind of gambling happens to be fair and transparent, so the local government approves it. Therefore, people can wager on any sports event around the globe because all the most popular sports are covered. Moreover, you can choose to make bets on cybersport. In general, there are around 17 legal sports betting platforms in Poland.


What About Casino Gambling?

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular due to the convenience and bonuses they offer. However, things are much trickier here for Polish gamblers. The thing is that they cannot legally wager on their favorite games, including:

- Slots

- Poker

- Blackjack

- Baccarat

- Roulette

- Keno, etc.

The reason is that the government has a strict ban on this kind of gambling websites. Furthermore, Polish-registered betting platforms that offer this sort of games do not exist. At the same time, it does not mean that you cannot access your favorite entertainment. You cannot operate such a gambling website in Poland, but you can play those games. As a gambler, you are free to join any foreign website with the help of a VPN.

Over 8,000 wagering platforms have been banned by the Polish government, but there are many more gambling websites that are accessible on the territory of the country. Therefore, you are free to enjoy them whenever you are willing to have fun.

At the same time, you should consider that it may not be safe to gamble on platforms with no license. That is why you should make sure that you pick a gambling website that holds a license from a trustworthy authority. This allows you to know that the company is actually regulated and will not steal your money. Online casinos with no license are always dangerous because they do not follow any rules and regulations. It implies that they can scam users and disappear so that people will not be able to prove anything. To sum it up, if you choose to make bets on a gambling website that is not legal in Poland, you should at least be sure that the online service is legal and licensed in a different country.



As you already know, Poland does not have legal online casinos, but there are a lot of sports betting platforms. If you are still willing to play poker or roulette, you can use a foreign gambling website. However, you should never forget that it can be risky. Consequently, you should be very careful when choosing a wagering platform. You should make sure that it holds a license from a reputable authority, or there is a high chance that your money will disappear.

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